Da Milano- Spring Summer 2016

Da Milano launched its spring summer  2016 collection on Saturday and I got a sneak peek. These impeccably tailored bags are a delight for any fashionista and they have been around for 12 years successfully. However moving away from the regular leather offerings, Da Milano launched a new range called Wooba which was the focal point that evening.  This premium leather accessories brand  introduces new products every week so as to keep up with the ever changing diktats of fashion.

The spring summer collection features vibrant handbags with floral motifs, personally not my cup of tea but I am sure there will be takers for it. Digressing from leather, they’ve forayed into canvas bags  which is the new Wooba collection. The bag is lightweight, durable and trimmed with leather on the edges. A Wooba makes the perfect travel bag and its priced reasonably too ,staring from INR 5999/- onwards.

My personal favourite were quilted faux fur bags. These oozed luxury and are a definite must have for any woman. Then the ostrich bags in eye popping  colours also garnered  lot of attention. Did you know that Da Milano offers lifetime repair on every accessory. So its not just an indulgence it’s actually a wise investment.