Is your Health Insured?

We all wish to live a long and healthy life but despite our best efforts, in this age of extreme pollution in the environment, presence  of pesticides and chemicals in food and water, hectic lifestyle, all this may prove detrimental to our plans. Stress due to work or social pressures adds to the burden and that is the reason why lifestyle diseases are on the rise. Infact, incidences of diabetes and hypertension are seen even in young adults these days, sometimes at an age as early as in the late twenties. As a result medical expenditure is at an all-time high. What surprises me is that we pay in EMIs for travel, cars, mobile phones and even our clothes, but not many of us invest in a Health Insurance policy!
Reasons like I am too young for this or that my company pays for my medical bills are mere gibberish and lack financial logic. Actually, as per experts’ medical insurance should start as early as 25, and definitely before 35 to give adequate protection. This will allow us to be able to pay those hefty bills that one may encounter with progressing age. Sadly, the older you get, the lesser your chances are of getting a good insurance policy that allows wholesome and comprehensive coverage of your medical risks.
On the lighter side I feel that one of the benefits of Health insurance is that it subconsciously reminds us that we need to be healthy. And if that’s not good enough for you-as per the Murphy’s Law “If I carry my Umbrella it probably won’t rain but if I don’t, it definitely will.” I guess the same must apply to insurance too, so we might as well get it and then you’ll never fall sick.
Now getting serious with some points about corporate plans- they usually pay very less as insurance and that also comes with riders. A person covered by such a policy informed me that his company’s policy does not cover regular check-ups and OPD required as a part of treatment. Now, the policy does cover admission, but when a colleague had a serious illness that required specialist treatment, she realized that the cap on medical expenses per day was too low in the policy and the difference had to be borne by the individual. Now imagine, even one serious or prolonged illness like this can have a drastic impact on our long-term financial planning.  And if you do buy health or medical insurance in a planned manner, you may avail tax benefits too.
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