Italian cooking at Prego, Westin Gurgaon

A lovely saturday morning with its beautiful weather beckoned us for a culinary class to Prego at Westin, Gurgaon . We were to learn some easy recipes from the south of Italy and this was a street food special. Expectedly there was a lot of sizzle, frying and  of course  calories! We all love fried food and this was  an indulgent afternoon. The good looking chef who’s spearheading Prego, Alessandro went about to explain us some basics of Italian cooking . This inevitably drew   comparisons between the Italian delicacies dished out that day to its Indian counterparts . The Panzerotti was similar to a savoury gujia ( although we don’t make any) and the Mexican empanada. I especially loved the tomato dip that went along with the panzerotti. Sfingi Sicialiani were akin to Gulgule. However this was airy, light and flavoured with cinnamon. Chef Alesaandro went the extra mile and got some vegetarian Arancini balls made for herbivores like me, which was a very  thoughtful  gesture.

The session concluded with an interesting lunch that was very satiating and flavouful and enjoyed over some scintillating conversation interspersed with loads of laughter. I returned home and dished out some Sfingi , served them to my kiddos with some ice cream and they’ve been asking me to make it every second day since then.

The Westin, Gurgaon regularly conducts culinary master classes, which explain the nuances of various cuisines apart from teaching how to make some popular dishes.