The Pasta Bowl Company- Review

The proof of a restaurant serving good Italian food is when Italian expats themselves prefer the place for food from their country and that exactly is where the Pasta Bowl Company scores over any other place in the millennium city or even NCR. This pretty as a picture place is located in cross point mall. A predominantly white interior aesthetically accented with turquoise green makes it Mediterranean chic. Did you know this is the only place to serve an Italian breakfast in the city; sadly I missed out on that since I was here for dinner. They are obsessed with freshness and bake their own breads, even the sundried tomatoes here are fresh!
The expansive menu is rammed with a lot of Italian dishes that had me fumbling for choice.  Chef Om Nayak rescued me from this quandary by suggesting the Stromboli Pizza that he is very proud of. I’ve never been a fan of this Italian staple but the Stromboli did work its magic on me. A thin crust Pizza baked in that gigantic oven slathered with tomato sauce ,topped with delicate bocconcini and spinach was like melting lava in the mouth. Impressed I moved on to risotto, that hint of truffle, earthiness of mushrooms, it was a creamy delight with clean balanced flavours.
I love Gnocchi and the ones at PBC are cushiony soft tossed in a robust tomato sauce, garnished with black olives and micro greens settling them in a league of their own.  Spaghetti Aglio Olio here is the Sicilian version and that meant some pepperoncino, imparting the right amount of punch.  There are so many options in the mains section, especially for the carnivores   For Fish lovers the menu features “Fish of the day” which is airlifted every week. Back to my gastronomic journey, I opted for the Stufato Al Ortaggi Inevrnali é Cavatelli, basically this tongue twister of the name is a flavourful stew made with beans, some veggies and tomatoes served with a side of freshly baked Ciabatta and an intense potato mash all of which combine together magically.
It was my lucky day since all the desserts served were eggless and I had not 1 but 2 of them. The Kahlua laden Tiramisu was velvety and delicious. However I love the banana toffee combo a little too much and Banana E Crema Mou Torta is a pie like version of the banoffee and too decadent to be missed.
The Pasta Bowl Company is one of those hidden gems which is perfect in every way .