The Unsung Hero(in)es !

Just read somewhere “Cooking and taking care of the kids that’s what maids are for” !!


A derogatory comment for all those women across the world who left their  careers because of geographical constraints or to take care of children since like me they don’t believe in entrusting our precious bundles to anybody else. I am a doctor and several friends  of mine are  engineers , doctors, CA’s who had to quit their jobs to perform such menial tasks.

I can afford to keep a maid for the so called rudiementary menial jobs like cooking but the joy that I see on my kids faces when I rustle up their favourites is invaluable. Cooking, chopping, scrubbing are de-stressing tool that should be utilized by many. Besides I don’t have to worry about unhygienic meals being served to my family which takes a toll on health. Has anyone ever wondered why lifestyle diseases are at an all time high? If anyone did delve deep, they woudn’t mind cooking at home themselves.

Why do women need to be in a job that pays peanuts or exhausts them ?  Is it for validation or for your own satisfaction. Regular chit chats with  women bring up the word “identity” Is being a  another software engineer in a MNC  an identity? And is that better than raising kids , cooking meals- I definitely have no clue? Then there are women who crib about not earning their money , especially since the phrase “living on husband’s money” surfaces so often. My dear sisters please evaluate the monetary compensation for all the chores you do in a day and you’ll realize you earn more than most working professionals

Raising kids-I will never substantiate those quality /versus quantity time debates. I need quantity as well as quality. A woman who’s working 12 hours a day will be too exhausted to spend any amount of quality time with their kids. That guilt then pushes her to buy expensive gifts/ toys/ vacation s for the kids. That spoils them even more. It’s an exhausting task to refuse guilty pleasures to children which is a part of disciplining them in the long run.
Breathe, Relax ,Think– Can any material object fill our own emotional void? Can a designer outfit substitute for a heart to heart conversation with someone who cares? Can that fancy vacation take the place of a hug from a loved one? The answer’s No!

For the maids and other domestic help- This is a day to thank you for making my and everybody’s life easier.
In this maddeningly material world where women are being judged , objectified, pushed , labeled – this is my tribute to the Housewife(I aint gonna use that fancy word – homemaker). You are the CEO’s MD’s project managers of the future world. The world depends on You and this is the most unique job profile there ever has been . Think about it( Chauffeur, manager, Chef, Inventory managing, Writer, Personal secretary, Public relation officer, Teacher etc) You are the ones who do it all !