Women's day celebration at Le Meridien Gurgaon

Le Meridien Gurgaon celebrated women’s day a bit late but in more impactful and novel way. A panelist that comprised of 5 women from different walks of life seemed an interesting event to attend. As each one of them narrated their personal journeys to self discovery and empowerment I could see the audience relating to several aspects of their journey. The difficulty faced by women in general , about overcoming, facing hostile circumstances both on personal fronts, societal front , professional as well as the gender disparity that is a natural attribute of physical constitution.

From a Miss India who married into a traditional family and was behind the purdah for 15 years, a mom of two who discovered her love of writing after the kids grew up , a singer who refuses to sell her soul by giving into Bolly Trash and instead has carved her own niche in a unique genre, the panel had it all. It was interesting how women in the room wished men to be part of the feminist movement and how everyone felt it starts at home. Every son needs to be educated to respect women from an early age to value the contribution of a woman ,I agree that is the need of the hour. My own take which had a lot of assent was that women need to stand up for each other instead of pulling their own sisters down, ripping them apart and  adding more hurdles to an already difficult journey to the top.
Le meridian Gurgaon as usual played the perfect host, with its impeccable food and beverage , service and personal attention to everyone present. Kudos Anadita Singh for coordinating this wonderful event successfully.


  1. straight from the heart thougts. Lovely write-up :)


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