10 minutes meditation

While meditation is part of my regular routine I am flabbergasted when I encounter people who are completely ignorant of the method or its practice. Faced with a volley of question from various corners of the world I finally decided to pen down some tips on this beautiful ritual. This a very simple , concise , easy method to practice 10 minutes of meditation in our otherwise grueling, chaotic schedules.
Sit in a room with ample sunlight, it’s preferable to meditate in the wee hours ( 4:00- 6:00 a.m)of the morning but depending on an individual’s schedule it can stretch to 9:00 am. Beyond that is not ideal but if that’s all that one can manage then  evenings also work.
                         Cross your legs in a comfortable position. For practitioners with agile bodies “padmasana “ is recommended for others a simple cross legged position will. The crossing of the legs is important ( more on this in another post)
                          Light a lamp/ incense , preferably in front of an altar. One could also use aromatherapy candles.
Set the timer for 10 minutes.
Now close your eyes.

Inhale deeply till the navel If possible and exhale for three times. Try to trace the movement of the breath within the body while you do this.
Now sit still. Concentrate either on the space between the eyes  , If one pleases they may visualize a deity or just observe a blank space. The mind will be plagued with thoughts, random, useless , don’t bother and bring back the attention to the space between the eyes. This can get very uncomfortable but just let it be.
At the end of 10  minutes bow to the sun, nature, or deities. Wish for the welfare of everyone in this world. ( May all beings be happy ). For those who know Sanskrit ( tanme manah shivsankalpamsatu & sarve bhavantu sukhinah are to be chanted.
Practice this simple routine for 30 days , write down your experience atleast twice a week , this helps monitor the progress.
You may find yourself dreaming lucidly. Remember to write down these dreams , as they signify the repressed matter from subconscious.

For those who are very serious about meditation you may reach out to me with your queries at rosmerc@gmail.com ( No spam please)
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