9 commandments for 5th April !

1. You shall visit Lord of the drinks on 5th April.
2. Even if you have to skip office, call off the date with that hottie you met last night or pull yourself out of that tempting drinking binge with your langotiya yaars.
3. You shall be the epitome of patience. At no point shall you appear distressed by matters like delay in arrival of food, or not finding me around.
4 .Be a Gentleman/ Lady and brush up on etiquettes. No raising your voice or acting rude with any staff at LOTD. Unknown to you they’ve been slogging their asses off.
5. You shall only praise or appreciate. Forget everything about criticizing till 1:00 a.m of 6th April
6 .I am inviting you as my friend and to support me. Please remember that all times.
7.In the end it’s about creating special memories , the ones that make you smile and I hope you give me tons of those that day .
8. I shall strive my best to deliver awesomeness on 5th april but human error is a reality.
9. Bahut ho gaya gyaan , the bottomline is I expect you to be at LOTD on 5th of April !!

#ladyofthedrinks. #5thapril


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