Banta Gola Festival

 Soaring leads to colourful banta & gola  stands on the road which is somehow a hygiene nightmare for most of us. Yet those colourful bottles keep pulling and tempting us. These funky summer delights are what inspired the banta gola festival at everyone favourite buffet place the ancient barbeque and I landed there right on day 1.It’s always pleasant to step inside this place, families, kids , live music it’s very comforting. What drew my attention was the detailing.. From actual thelas to banta bottles, this place had it all.
I settled in one those huge sofas and asked for the kala khatta banta to start with.  I discovered they had more than just the summer coolers. There was street food too. Starting off with ram ke laddu those tiny delights garnished with julienned radish and plopped with a generous serving of dhania chutney. Then the famous import from my hometown, the vada pav, with a twist. There were two varieties of vada pav here, the regular and then there was an interesting oatmeal version too which was equally good. The zingy garlic chutney was missing though but they promised to look into it.

I was already full by then but we tried the mains nevertheless and the Biryani is something I would highly recommend from the main course.
Gluttonous me still hadn’t had enough and took another gola on my way home from the cart.

All this at regular prices so hurry up. The festival is on till the 30th of this month.

Where- the Ancient Barbeque, Good Earth City Centre, sohna Road, Gurgaon