Hair Freezing

My hair’s been singing “ice ice baby “these days and the reason is this smashingly cool technology that is therapy for my tresses. Our tresses see so much- pollution, stress, improper diet , colouring and add to that blow dry and heating iron. Infact irons have become a part of our every day regime and that dries, and damages hair a lot. To save us from this damage Pachouli Wellness Spa & Salon  brings a revolutionary treatment  to the capital city.
I caught up with the beautiful Preeti Seth, co-founder patchouli and gathered some information about this new technology. Hair freezing is a simple and effective way to close hair cuticles and that makes them shinier, silkier and even saves it from split ends.  This simple treatment was demonstrated by Javed and Saif.  Thee hair’s washed then waxed . This wax is sealed in with the help of cold iron, some Infra red treatment follows  and finally it’s cold dried. The process soothed the scalp and my hair felt super silky .It’s very highly recommended for those who often colour their hair.

I had my doubts about the lasting value but an incident in the evening proved me wrong. The same evening I was shaking it up on the dance floor when an over enthusiastic chap decided to open a bottle of bubbly and I had champagne on my hair. Despite washing that evening, my hair’s smooth and I am loving it.
All this at only 2499 ?- trust me once you’ve tried hair freezing you’ll never want o see your  hot iron again.
Where- Pachouli  Spa and Wellness pvt ltd, 7B 3rd floor, Rajendra Park, Pusa road, new delhi