Jabong's shopping App

Encouraged by my recent escapades on Jabong and having some credits thanks to the clothes that didn’t suit me being returned- no questions asked; I decided to give this website another try. Albeit this time it wasn’t for me but for Hubby dearest! And that too as an anniversary gift. Actually, I realised that online shopping is perfect for guys because they don’t enjoy the store experience anyway. I personally have to use all the persuasion skills in my repertoire (including you know what) to get him to accompany me on one of my shopping trips. So I remembered him saying something about needing new sandals and some casual sneaker kinda shoes. Knowing his size and style preferences, it was pretty easy for me to find a good fit for him and I got a deeply discounted branded sandal in almost no time. Not to mention that he always gets me to pick his stuff even if he’s buying at a store. So this was easy-peasy. The search for the “casual sneaker kinda shoe” was a little hard work. I toyed with an idea of buying moccasins but realised that he already had a few. So I just asked him some indirect questions (wanted to keep it a surprise) as to what he wanted and it turned out he wanted something casual he can wear for a trip and not strictly running shoes or even cross trainers, but light and sporty none the less. Here, the wide array and variety of inventory on display at Jabong really helped and I could zero in on something I know he’ll love. I got him dark tan sporty boat shoes which were almost designed like sneakers. And boy did I love the experience; it was almost like a quest and had a treasure hunt like feel. It was great to finally find something nice, that too sitting in my work chair at home and to top it all up it was at a steal of a price without having to wait for a sale season. P.s Try their mobile App.. It’s one of the coolest online shopping apps.