The past two weeks have been super hectic and I’ve been on my toes for prolonged periods. All that running around was not appreciated by my legs and ache was just  a natural progression. As always I looked towards my love Ayurveda and discovered Kairtis, a product of Kairali Ayurveda  which is one  of the trusted names in this business. So bought myself a bottle of this potion and put it to some good use.
Ayurveda  attributes aches , pain and arthritis to an imbalance and mainly surge of Vaat . To my pleasant surprise , I discovered a lot of Anti Vaat herbs in Kairtis . It contains Sesame oil which is one of the best anti “Vaat”  oil.  Dhanyaamlam is a fermented concoction which helps fight inflammation and reduces pain, also combats arthritis. Bala  strengthens muscles .Moringa Oleifera  is also a very effective vaat pacifier.
With a superior mix of ingredients this product is bound o be effective. It’s also super easy to use. Just massage the affected area with this oil for 15 minutes . Let it remain for another 20 minutes and wash it off with lukewarm water. It comes with a Potli –Kolakulathadi churnam , and the instructions to use are mentioned in the manual. Trust me this is highly effective therapy in the comfort of your home at very reasonable price
Regular application for around 3 days did ease my aching body and if you are suffering from similar symptoms then go and buy this product.
A pack of 55 ml oil and the Potli together cost only Rs. 280.