Lady of the Drinks

The fancy life of a blogger means walking into  a restaurant , complaining about regular fare and the service, and questioning about why can’t they come up with innovative fare. Everything on the other side seemed so easy as I sized up my tikkas and tiramisus, dissected them and classified them boring. To change perspectives,  restauranteur Priyank Sukhija allowed us to run his restaurants #bloggerbecomesboss was trending heavily on social media.  17 bloggers, 7 restaurants , 4 weeks , and some amazing prizes to be won. This was going to be a cakewalk or so I thought. Since my turn  was scheduled towards the fag end of the contest ,life sailed by smoothly till it was only 3 weeks left for the Dday. The 1st teaser came up and also the task of finalizing menu.
                                  Time for home trials- I kept procrastinating till only 3 days were left for my food trials. The 1st dish that I made a home turned out to be disastrous in presentation. And I felt the restaurant kitchen would mess it up too. Less time, more innovation and not even 1 dish confirmed for the menu. I lost sleep, figuring out ingredients and what could be done . I realized I was consumed by this contest , It was like bad love that refuses to leave your head even for a second. Many experiments later I did manage to conceptualize the menu. The day for food trails dawned , I have to admit I was a little nervous since I had to do this on my own and didn’t know a single soul at Lord Of The Drinks. Hats off to the crew who went out of their way to help me boosting my confidence in the process .Meanwhile, the promotions were on full swing as well & It was heartwarming  to see people helping  me promote the event.

The Dday arrived #5th April. It was a chaotic, day that demanded a lot of my energy.However, It did pan out well - from the high when I sold my 1st cocktail, the customers who willingly ordered from my menu, and the staff who worked extra hard to help me out . The feedback from customers made my day- The 1st customer who complimented my tacos, the British couple who asked me how could I come up with the idea of butter chicken in pita pockets and that they would try the same at home, that Australian lady who asked me for the recipe of kathal tacos, and that family who could not stop raving about the dessert. This helped me tide over the disgust I felt when someone walked in with the mere intention of drinking beer and nibbling on  a plate of nachos.

Surprisingly my energy did not dip infact it soared at the sight of my friends who dropped in as the sun went down. We danced, we ate, I sold my menu, we laughed , I even cried ( tears of Joy) but this day will definitely be cherished forever . Living my dream of running a restaurant , even if for just a day ( admit it we’ve all dreamed about it) was ticking off something from my bucket list. The staff at LOTD , from Chef Honey Abrol, Surinder Negi, Uttam , Managers -Vikas and Neeraj, Mixologists –Kripal and Brijmonhan ,you guys rock .

My recipes were accepted and lauded by the guests that night and this definitely was a source of exultation. The best part was of course discovering that I may be an outsider to this city but  have earned friends who cheered, supported and came all the way to Delhi to be there on my big day. Like I  wrote in my earlier post, in the end it was about creating special memories, the ones that make you smile  and I definitely got loads of them that day :)
P.S- My friend just pinged me on whtsapp saying he misses the Paan Ke Kofte from that day.