New Menu atThe California Boulevard

 The California Boulevard is special to me for a host of reasons which would take several posts to be jotted down. This time around they introduced a new menu and I just had to have it. Summers mean soups and salad for me although I keep tripping over this several times. However  my lunch that day started with the famous cold soup from Spain, Gazpacho. The summery flavours of the soup refreshed me. Time for salad and we had the by the fabulous combination of apples, celery and mayonnaise all coming together to create the classic Waldorf salad.

Healthy stuff devoured , time for the pleasure trip to begin. Budging us on this downhill  spiral to high calorie fare was Fried Halloumi , how can anything that’s cheesy and fried be anything but awesome? Some more cheese arrived on the table and this was in the form of Cottage Cheese Mille Fuille . Don’t expect authenticity here, it’s an interesting take on the original. There’s no flaky pastry here , instead there’s   Cottage  cheese stuffed with 3 different fillings, tangy tomato, earthy mushroom,& spinach. served with a side of robust tomato sauce that makes the flavor value of this dish soar humongously.

Dessert was  Sacher Torte , a delicious chocolate cake from Vienna with a gooey centre courtesy some apricot jam . This airy decadent dessert  will definitely have me coming back for more.
Where- The California Boulevard, Near IFFCO Metro Station, Gurgaon

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