Amreli- Revamped !

It was only natural for me to walk into Amreli ,this time timorously as my previous experience here was superlative. The rise in mercury compelled us to sit indoors overlooking the wall with myriad paintings, from Krishna, Buddha to some depicting interesting street scenes.  A bunch of revellers were happily enjoying their meal while I glanced at the menu that was revamped.  The last time I was here his place was known for costal food but now  it features Indian, Continental and even Pan Asian cuisine.
We asked for the veg platter which comprised of  stuffed mushrooms , Paneer tikkas  , tandoori alu .and some dahi ke kebabs.  

The Paneer tikkas stood out with a fragrant fresh herby coriander filling, the stuffed Mushrooms were flavoured with mustard and that pungency was an interesting twist.  In the mood for some pasta that night and I asked for the Salsa Rose which was heavenly. The pasta was perfectly cooked al dente, the sauce seasoned just right and this was garnished with a roasted tomato peel and some cheese making it a great addition to the menu. Next I had Sambal Sauce Tofu which is spicy with a capital S but despite my low tolerance level for chillies, I wish to go and eat this exotic dish again. I really appreciate the vegetarian twist given to this traditional seafood based broth .How could I leave without relishing those super soft Appams that look as good as they taste. The Kerala Vegetable Stew thankfully remains consistent in its flavor.

My tryst with the Blueberry Cheesecake on my last visit made me want to end this meal with the same. To my delight it was light, creamy , rich and all that sweetness was balanced by the slight tartness of the blueberry compote. It’s a regular feature at most restaurants that offer multiple cuisine to falter somewhere but Amreli is an exception Kudos to Chef Neelam Mani for being able to execute everything perfectly. The servers are also quick on their feet, attentive and allow diners to enjoy their meal in peace .Those with no knowledge of the menu always put me off, but our server Kanhaiya was the kind that impels people to rate a restaurant high on service.