Circus - Review

What is Circus? As a kid it was a place that amazed, entertained and thrilled. With a name like that I expected the restaurant to made me feel that way too and Circus did manage to do that. A double level lounge with 200 plus covers, this  place  is huge. That really high ceiling adds an element of drama to the interior. There’s an interesting PDR on the upper floor which offers a superb view. The servers sport multicoloured striped aprons and funny hats, all of this reinforcing the feel of the name.

Time for food and we checked out the multicoloured  funky menu that offers something very different from the regular fare which has become the staple at most lounges in the city. Like a true blue Mumbaikar I jumped at the sight of Vada Pav and with my first bite was floored. I can go into raptures describing but it should suffice to say the authentic chutney from Mumbai alongwith a a well seasoned vada  did the trick .French fries too boring for you? , then try the Zucchini Fries. I wouldn’t really call them a healthier alternative but it was interesting and served with a very flavourful garlic aioli. My London bred , Indian friend , Rupal took out the knife and fork to slice off the mat from Circus Mutton and was thrilled to discover that it was already falling off the bone and she could shred it with her fingers. The gravy was delicately flavoured and a digression from the usual masaledaar Indian fare served with a side of rice, roti or pav. I on my part waited for the Circus style  pasta . This is cooked in its own juices and devoid of any added sauce that masks its natural taste.

On to my favourite part of any meal, desserts ! I never ever try Kheer that is not made by my Mommy. But at the insistence of Raminder Bakshi the man behind the food  at Circus ( and several more),I tried the one here . It  doesn’t look like a kheer ,this one’s a light caramel brown loaded with sliced nuts and what u get is a rich, nutty flavoured pudding. The Aate ka halwa or Kada Prasad brings back memories of Gurudwara trips and solace and is always heartwarming to find some. For those who love icecream in all its glory with added sprinkles the Ultimate Circus Sundae is here to make your day.
P.s- Don’t miss the buntas, Imli is my personal favourite .

Where-  D14, South Ex 2, New Delhi