Gourmet Passport 2016-17 !

Worried about those delicious outings burning a hole in your pocket? To rescue you from this quandary are Atul Sikand and Sourish Bhattacharya ,founding members of one of the most elite and active food group of delhi NCR, the Delhi Gourmet Club. These men are passionate about food and definitely know the nuances of various cuisines. The gourmet passport has been around for 4 years now and with each passing year it only gets bigger and better. We caught up over an informal lunch for the unveiling and found out some more details. The gourmet passport has expanded its boundaries outside of the capital city and there are also options to choose from in Pune, Mumbai, Ludhiana and even Chennai. The best deals are of course the buffet meals, I personally love those everytime, I am dining with my fussy kiddos. What I also like about the book are the recommendations by the experts themselves. So next time you walk into a place and are wonderi ng about what to order just refer to the book. People have been such loyal patrons of the DGC Passport , that it flies off the shelf as soon as it arrives. The best deals, expert recommendations and a delicious 2016-17, all this at only Rs.999. Rush to grab your copy now!