Kid's Masterclass at Courtayd By Marriott , Gurgaon

I wonder if it’s me inspiring my kids or something else but they seem to have developed a keen interest in cooking. They are curious about  techniques and various cuisines and are forever asking questions which I don’t mind at other times. However summer vacation means they are on my case the whole day, wanting me to dish out something new or help me out in the kitchen, but  the heat kills my inclination to sweat it out with them in the  kitchen. When Courtyard by Marriott, Gurgaon announced kids masterclass , boy was I happy! Finally I could take a break and have someone else answer that never ending barrage of questions.

To educate kids about various cuisines and techniques these masterclasses are held every Tuesday and Thursday. It’s not just basic cooking infact some recipes require a lot of skill. The inaugural class was about Mexican food with a simple menu of Mexican salad, Burritos and Flan. The bunch of young cooking enthusiasts fired a volley of questions at the chef who endured them , infact sportingly answered all of them. The kids took turns to mix the  salad , roll burritos and garnish the flan. Apart from cooking there are some games and other activities too. All this followed by a lavish lunch at Momo cafĂ©.

Such an interesting way to keep your children busy this summer and it does not burn a hole in your pocket either. Each session is just priced at 800/- INR all inclusive per person.


  1. Must have been a fun event with the kids enjoying the master class.

    xoxo Chaicy
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