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Lemon Tree Hotel, Manesar

I was lucky to visit the first resort hotel in Delhi NCR by Lemon Tree Hotels, at Tarudhan Valley in Manesar, not too far from our Millennium city. The feature about this property that first caught my attention was the lovely setting in natural surroundings- the Aravalis all around, ample greenery and a decent measure of water bodies. And what’s more, it is just a half hour away from Sohna Road.
Another amazing thing about this place is that it is spread over all of 72 acres, and includes a 9-Hole Golf Course. I was told that the Golf Course was designed by an eminent golf architect from North America Mr Graham Cooke. All prospective and current golfers can be sure about this because the designer of this course is also a famous Canadian amateur golfer. One of the most wonderful things about the stay here is the studio option- they are 18 out of the 70 rooms available here and offer a breath-taking view of the golf course. Not only that, the entertainment and outdoor options here are also beyond the usual. There’s the club house which includes a theme bar and restaurant called Skinners, Tattva- the spa, a state of the art fitness centre, a billiards room, a neat kids’ area and a full-blown archery range. The resort is full of opportunities for all kinds of fun & outdoor activities, with game courts and a lap-sized swimming pool so that folks of all age-groups and with various interests can have a good time here. Not to mention, there is a large banquet area, with three conference rooms and well-designed gardens for all sorts of events, weddings and conferences. This project is a tie-up between Lemon Tree Group (who manage the resort & spa) and Silverglades (which is a boutique developer).

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