Thai Food Festival AT Fortune Select Excalibur

Thai food comes to the Millenium city at a festival at the oriental pavilion at Fortune Select Excalibur .Located on the 11th floor, this place is quite and far removed from the hustle bustle of the city. The seating is cozy and affords peaceful dining.

Chef Inder Dev brings the flavours of the land of smiles. Offering respite from the sweltering heat was Thai ice tea , refreshingly fragrant due to the presence of star anise. This is also a good antidote to the super spicy Thai fare if  chillies are not your favourite spice .Finely shredded papaya doused in that explosively flavourful dressing (SomTam Salad) teased my palate . Chim Chum is a popular street food in Thailand and is served in clay pots. You choose your choice of meat ( in my case vegetables ) and add that to the broth ,this soup is highly recommended .

Phat Phrik Khing were assorted vegetables cooked perfectly  in a coarsely ground garlic seasoning .The Kaeng Phat or  vegetables in Red curry were decent and went well with my Jasmine rice. They serve three types of rice and the one that stood out was  Pineapple rice was a fried rice with the sweetness of the occasional pineapple chunk.

Desserts definitely were the best part of my lunch. I had been craving for sticky rice with mango pudding and was elated to finally get some here. However what won me over was the Tab Tim Krob, so much so that I ended up asking for a second serving.
Where- Oriental Pavilion, Fortune Sellect Excalibur, Sohna Road, Gurgaon