Thai Food Festival at Kylin Premier

It takes a lot of courage to offer authentic cuisine and not dilute it to suit the palates of the average Indian diner and that is what the audacious young Cordon Bleu Chef Nikhil Kanwar is set out to do with the support of restauranteur Saurabh khanijo. For all those who complain about the unavailability of authentic Thai food, this festival is a must visit. The complex interplay of different flavours with a strong aromatic component is showcased successfully at the elegant Kylin Premier.
There are only 2 vegetarian starters to choose from ,the corn cakes and the rice paper rolls. Out of these ,the delicate Rice Paper Rolls stuffed with crunchy vegetables are for me ,the perfect summer snack . What arrived next was the Pomelo Salad which is my all time favourite, it’s citrusy, nutty, sweet, spicy, a spellbounding plethora of flavours all coming together harmoniously. Mains offered crunchy and light stir fried greens flavoured with garlic. This was followed by the Chu Chee Tao Hoo that comprised of fried Tofu chunks dunked in a thick creamy red sauce which sent the tongue into a tizzy. This one is flaming hot and I am sure will be loved by the patrons. The Thai green curry, Kaeng khiao Wan, tipping towards the sweeter side was soothing after that kickass tofu and how. It completely imbibed the vividness and fragrance that a typical Thai curry is supposed to possess.
This festival starts today and is on till the 20th of this month. Did I mention I sorely missed the presence of any dessert at the festival and hope Team Kylin addresses this issue. As for chef Nikhil kanwar, he’s here to stay. Where- Kylin Premier, 3rd Floor , Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj , Delhi.