Wimbledon Essentials

To me “fair play” is being inclusive, respecting differences, obeying rules and celebrating the spirit of the game. Personally it also means encompassing seemingly disparate elements to create something that exemplifies harmony. As an Indian it’s only natural for me to incorporate some Indian element in in all things that I touch. Also it’s about “Fair”- Food, Fashion and everything else around the game itself, this is an arena where people from different countries, race and walks of life come together to witness the oldest Tennis grand slam.

Food- Butter chicken is India most famous export to UK and I stuffed these delectable pieces into Pita pockets- this is my idea of fusion food. It’s all one needs for a meal while watching those matches (aren’t they convenient) of course followed by those quintessential strawberries and cream that is the Wimbledon staple. While In Rome errr London do as the Londoners do.

Friday Dressing Indian- With the booming  number of women in corporate India I expected to see more variety and zing in the fashion department but alas it’s become more or less androgynous with women preferring suits or trousers. And Indian clothes are still taboo for most. I for one think Indian can be chic and versatile and my pick in this season is a light Luckhnowi  kurta with well-fitting jeans. For clothes that can move from boardroom to a lounge- you just need to accessorize it right. Put on some danglers and you are all set to party after that hectic week slogging at the desk. After all wasn’t Friday dressing all  about comfort and versatility ?

Fashion- is all about comfort and finding yourself by way of your personal style. I am such a jeans person that I could even sleep in a pair of denims. The perfect outfit to the Wimbledon would be a pair of dark blue jeans with a dressy top. When the weather turns harsh all I need is more denim- a denim jacket. Those courts are long and wide and a pair of sneakers is mandatory- I choose to walk around in a lovely bright orange colour. All the food, accessories and that green umbrella that I need to carry around, goes in this pretty purple bag (with unmistakably Indian motifs). The whole look is semi-casual, comfortable and personifies fair-play fashionably.

Travel- a trip to Wimbledon is any traveller’s delight. Of course I wish to explore the city rich in its heritage, from cruising along the Thames, to getting a glimpse into royalty at the Buckingham Palace and visiting those monuments that ooze historical grandeur- it’s just too much to miss. Who doesn’t like a selfie on the London Eye and the London Bridge? If only I could also lay my eyes on that historic and disputed prize that just 2 centuries back changed hands from Indian to British royalty- the Kohinoor.

Tennis Wimbledon- The only sport that truly emulates the caption “play it fair”- where players women and men are treated equally- even in monetary terms!And how can we forget the fair play ambassador and 2012 men’s doubles champ Johnny Marray, who called his own foul and gave up a point even when no one else noticed. Novak Djokovic also followed suit during a centre court match in 2014, conceding a point and on a successful call by his opponent and avoiding a replay. Hope that the 2016 tournament sees more and more such examples.

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