Wimbledon time !

Wimbledon- arguably the topmost annual individual sporting event and definitely the oldest and most prestigious professional tennis tournament- is just around the corner. I for one have always wanted to see my tennis idols in person and this time I’m planning to make this dream come true.
So I was just wondering what would I pack and here’s the list of the top 10 things I should pack to Wimbledon:
Binoculars- To keep an eye on that little ball from whatever distance I am seated at. Also, I’ll be able to ogle at those cute players (and who knows, someone in the crowd too) hidden from all.
Sunscreen- I know Caucasians love getting tanned but we desis love our gori tvacha (fair skin). To save it from sun god’s wrath this little bottle definitely goes in my bag (SPF 15 and above recommended).
Sneakers- I want to walk around comfortably and it’s not a party. There are many courts spread over the copious grounds of the “All England Club” hence it does entail lots of walking; now we wouldn’t want our varicosity to shoot up, would we?
Umbrella- London has its fair share of rain (must watch the weather reports) and this one is a must-have to save any embarrassment by way of revealing too much in my sheer clothes.
Purple jacket- For when it gets cold or I do get wet, I need to have a plan B (growing up in amchi Mumbai taught me not t take rain lightly). This one is light and surprisingly also looks dressy
Hat - To shield me from sun and also coz it makes me look sporty and cool.
Power-bank- Those long days will mean lot of phone usage and I feel stranded without one. Hence the power bank to rescue me from this quandary. It will come in handy incase I bump into a tennis star or a celebrity and the opportunity for a quick selfie arises.
Food- The GBP (Pound sterling) is not the most pleasant currency to spend on not so great overpriced food!
Sunglasses-These I need to protect my peepers and the right pair of sunglasses also crank up the oomph factor. Also with this one can spare the makeup and yet look chic. Did mention mine come in a green case- that’s the colour of Wimbledon.

Currency notes- Do I really need to explain why I will carry this?