10 traits of a number 7 person

This applies to those born on the 7th, 16th or 25th of any month. This number is ruled by Neptune which symbolises spirituality, and mystery. It’s a number of karmic reward and below are the common characteristics of those blessed it ;
1. They are highly intelligent and their heads are forever brimming with original ideas. Fascinated by the unknown, UFO’s, Aliens, esoteric sciences, the taciturn demeanour actually hides a super explosive creative brain.

2. They are spiritual though not necessarily religious and are born mystics or deep thinkers. A philosophical outlook is their trademark. So if you’re wondering about why you were born- the purpose of life, just find a 7 andshe/ he would be happy to answer your questions. Jesus Christ descended on Earth on the 25th .

3.When one’s so busy unravelling the secrets of the universe, where’s the time to gossip?So if you are looking for a confidante, a number 7 is your best bet- your secret is sure to stay safe with them. Another aspect of belonging to this number is a love for faraway lands. These people will travel to the most exotic, remote destinations to satisfy their wanderlust.

4. Since they see beneath the obvious, a number 7 man will love you despite yoursuperficial physical flaws and likewise for a number 7 lady. Isn’t that what we wish for, someone to be ourselves with and who will love the person beneath the obvious. Expect laughter, goofiness, practical jokes and a lifetime of smiles ahead if you wind up with one of this tribe. There’s another side of the story, often a number 7 ends up being single again, these people are not very lucky in relationships .

 5. Blessed with a lanky structure, a 7 stays lean without exercising or dieting. That explains how you’ve been bingeing with a 7 and she stays slim while you end-up needing jeans of abigger size.God don’t you envy people like that?

6. Be careful while arguing with them- twisting the truth comes naturally to them and they never lose an argument. Besides this there’s another quality of a number 7 that one must be wary of- that of eliciting answers without making it obvious. And the worst thing is that this is a 1 way street- you’ll never be able to figure out what’s in their head unless they wish to reveal it themselves.

7. A questioning nature is a good thing but at times these people tend to get hung up on details and hence may not be able to make good use of the knowledge that they possess. Analysing is a good quality but over analysing is a sheer waste of time.

8 .The women of this tribe possess a magnetic quality, their beauty is ethereal.

9. Number 7s have a tendency to think with their heads than their hearts and sometimes end up being loners. Predisposition to Insomnia  is a natural progression and that leads to several health issues. My advice- just loosen up a little.

10. While 7 is a spiritual number and that means it’s never about accumulating money or possessions, yet financial security is something that they’ll strive for. They do succeed in amassing a lot of wealth and generally lead luxurious lives as good taste is something that they are born with.  Despite the flashiness that is apparent, inside is a person who’s striving, or perhaps craving for the truth. Most of them are very generous people especially to those loyal to them .

What makes number 7 tick ;
Lucky Days- Monday, Wednesday
Lucky Number-7, 25, 16
Lucky Stone- Cat’s Eye
Lucky colour-White

Health-Insomnia, Stress, Apnoea, Respiratory issues.