Audi R8 V10 Plus Unveiled In North India

If looks could kill….
The new Audi R8 V10 is definitely to die for.
The Audi Delhi West and Audi Noida launched what is claimed as the most powerful Audi ever to be put into production. While I was too mesmerised by the looks of it, a look at the specs was what captivated my hubby’s attention (like most guys he too claims to be an auto aficionado). So this supercar- which is pretty high ranking on some ratings- is a marvel in terms of the technology that it offers. While hubby was going gaga over the fact that the 5.3 FSI engine of this meanie packs the power of 610 horses- what attracted my attention as a lay-person was the fantastic virtual cockpit with a 31.24 cm display. Another amazing thing which I could relate to thanks to a friend who let us join him in his Audi on the way to Pangong Lake in Ladakh- is the all-wheel drive which can individually give traction to each wheel. This allows very stable drive even in wet or snow conditions like we experienced.  
A word about Audi Delhi West and Audi Noida would be pertinent. They actually have the largest Audi 3S terminal of India at Noida. Not only this, they’ve been chosen as the best Audi Cat A partner, Sales qualitative partner, After Sales partner and many more over the last 4 years since their inception. So if you want an Audi in NCR or are looking for any services- they are the go to people for that.

So without boring you with all the techie stuff let me tell you why you need this super-car in a language that even a girl can understand. Now one would think this is such a sporty car with almost race car like specs (designed with half of its components are directly from the race track version- Audi R8 LMMS). What’s the use of all this power in normal driving conditions? Right!....No wrong! Here’s why:
  1. As if the killer looks are not enough, the car as an amazing transmission (the seven-speed S tronic) which actually shifts gears in a 100th of a second, letting you enjoy a seamless driving experience. Of course this also means no break in acceleration when speeding up.
  2. It has dual injection which gives you improved power delivery albeit with lowered fuel consumption.
  3. If you felt this is too over powered for daily use- here’s the answer. They bring you cylinder on demand technology whereby your R8 V10 shuts down 5 of the 10 cylinders when power is not required. Particularly in traffic conditions, this drastically reduces your carbon foot print and improves your Karma!
  4. The design of the frame combined with the Aluminium and carbon used makes it more aerodynamic, lighter and at the same time stronger.
  5. At speeds higher than 60 the car actually fires a narrow laser beam combined with the conventional LED light, improving illumination and hence safety.
  6. The car is actually designed to give you 13% improved fuel economy even when you’re feeling like racing.
  7. The driving experience is enhanced with a better cockpit design, use of more refined material and the precision of Audi craftsmanship.
  8. There are some amazing customisation options from Aluminium door sill trims to upholsteries and colours.
  9. A huge 226 litre cargo space which is supplemented by a 112 litre front luggage compartment.
  10. A great navigation system which is smartphone like and a hi-tech next gen infotainment system.
  11. Built like a true race car it has all you need to see (displays, steering wheel and the road) lined up in one visual axis. Not only this, the driver need not lift is hands form the steering wheel for any of the important functions.
Now if this is not reason enough for you to try out the New R 8 V 10 plus, don’t know what is!
The Audi R8 V10 Plus is priced at INR 2.55 Crores ex-showroom (needs to be verified for particular state).