Da Vinci learning

Da Vinci Learning is a one of its kind KD education channel for kids, with the mission of addressing the gaps in kids’ entertainment today. Since kids do spend a lot of time on TV, why not make it more engaging and value adding for the kids. Now which parent will not like that?
With this concept in mind the channel organised a wonderful informative “content sapling” with the objective to inform parents and children about their initiatives. I was lucky to attend the event with my children. Since the venue was Wendy’s at Cyber Hub, Gurgaon, needless to say that great food was on the house. The kids were really enthusiastic about solving puzzles and got to sample some wonderful content.

Da Vinci learning has one main mission- making all things educational easy to grasp for kids! They do this by creating great content which engages the kids by arousing interest in their minds and motivating them to continue with this great quest.  Some of the shows that caught my eye were “Math is all around us”, InfoToy” and “Down to Earth”. These programmes cover a wide range of topics from Science and Maths to history. Everything is tied together using technology to bring it across in a creative way making complex concepts simple to absorb. Wish I had something like this when growing-up.
So like the MD of DaVinci Media, Mr Mohit Anand said, this is the channel if you’re looking for filling the gap in kids and family oriented content with some non-violent, soft skills and knowledge based programs- do try out this channel!
So if we want our kids to be introduced to varied topics from History to Chemistry in a  fun and entertaining way, and at the same time have them learn soft skills and take away the violent non-value add screen time Da Vinci Learning is for us. We as parents must not just make the kids watch this content but join them by taking feedback and arousing their curiosity and as a family we should take learning vacations with our children.