How Bali can become a great family vacation spot

If and when you plan to visit Bali for a vacation with the family, here is how you can make it all the more worthwhile.

Hotel / resort (accommodation): When you google a place to stay in Bali, you will be flummoxed with the options. From the very uber ultra Bvlgari Resort to a cheap hotel, you will be clueless seriously. That is when I discovered that in Bali, specifically more so in Budung area, there was this villa by the name of Bali Holiday Villa that existed. This is an independent house with 2 air conditioned bedrooms, hall, kitchen, a pond with fish and turtle and more so even a dip pool! A perfect getaway for a vacation, keeping in view your privacy and independence to cook, do laundry, splash in the pool and do just about anything you want. The kid(s) would love it too. Here are a few pics that will let you imagine of what the place is all about! More importantly, the owner, Greg, is one helluva host and is very helpful and eager to guide you whenever you have a question about Bali!

What to do while you are in Bali: You got to visit the Canggu Club in Canggu area. Its an awesome water park where you and your kids will love to splash around in the very many water rides! Its one place where you can easily spend several hours enjoying and sipping Bintang beer! The place provides free high speed wi-fi!

What to see in Bali: Bali is a big island and you need atleast a complete week to see most of it. However, southern Bali comprising of Ubud, the notoriously hip Kuta, Seminyak, Jimbaran and Nusa Duwa areas are enough to be covered in 5 days. 
You have to see the sunset at the picturesque Tanah Lot Temple, the Uluwatu Sea Temple, and you have to experience an evening at the Rock Bar, a unique bar made near the splashing rocks facing the Indian ocean. You need to go down the bar in an elevator! All these three areas are a must see.

What do eat while you are in Bali: Bali is not a place for vegetarians. At best you will find potato fries or fried rice. For the non-vegetarians, its an exotic place. Mind you, Bali is predominantly a hindu island and so you will not get beef to eat easily. 
So here is what you should try while in Bali. Eat Nasi Goreng (pork fried rice with a hint of lemongrass), Bebeck batutu (duck), Ayam goreng (chicken), saate, ayam batutu and the famous Babi Guling (roasted suckling pig)! Each has a distinct taste and flavour and you will love it!

There's lots more to say about Bali but the blog may not be able to take the load of it! And yes, there is ample of opportunity to have sex with balinese girls but watch out, they are mostly HIV +!