Juicing your way to health

Juices are a powerhouse of nutrition and a deliciously natural way to ingest vitamins . They are also a healthy way to beat the heat as the mercury soars. It’s a great alternative for sugar loaded fizzy drinks whose safety is yet to be ascertained. Juicing can be a messy and annoying process though. I have a big juicer that needs cleaning after every use and that puts me off from using it. Besides the centrifugal action involved during the process lowers the nutritional value of the final product.This summer I discovered a new product from Tupperware, the Juist, that was just what was missing in my kitchen so far. A small handy , pretty device that takes care of pulping and juicing and makes my life easy.
With two types of attachments, this small device is pretty versatile. For citrus fruits there’s a mesh and all one needs to do is halve the fruit and press it on the strainer to extract the juice. For non – citrus fruits  turn the strainer upside down, Place the cut fruits in it and pulverize with the help of twister top. This is hollow and can be filled with dry grains to increase the weight and help speed up the process.
It’s so easy to use that my kids can use it too. It’s light and made of plastic and hence break resistant.

The best part  it does not use any electricity. So despite power outages your glass of fresh fruit juice need not wait. With Juist one can make their own cold pressed juices anytime and at a fraction of its store bought counterparts .For me I am happy my kids are busy making and drinking their own concoctions.