The new improved FunCity

As a parent who has spent many a weekend afternoon or evening at the Ambience Mall over my stay here at Gurugram, Fun City, Ambience Mall is not new to me and when it closed down for renovation we drastically reduced our trips to this mall.
So what’s different now? Given that it was not that bad to start with! Well they are now aspiring to be the No.1 indoor entertainment centre in the country and how. So get ready to experience some really thrilling rides both for kids as well as for adults. These rides are not just your usual carnival kind but really high quality stuff and very well managed.
Fun City recently re-launched this refurbished entertainment centre with these awesome cool rides. At the launch event, among various prominent personalities was child actress Harshaali Malhotra. There were also some kids from a local NGO who totally enjoyed the ceremony.
The place is spread over all of 15000 sq feet and even on weekdays is found buzzing with activity. They have the country’s largest soft play area called Play Zone which is meant for 3 to 10 year old, but did that stop some adults accompanying children from having fun too? Surely not. The reason adults are inside is that below a certain height they do not allow the kids to be alone and someone is required to accompany them. The board outside the entrance clearly indicates the said height.C:\Users\dubeyd\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Word\20160612_132108-1.jpg
And what’s inside this- lots of space spread over 4 levels with slides, obstacles, running, climbing and jumping areas. There are slides, climbing frames, ladders, some interactive obstacles, tunnels to crawl though, padded obstacles, rope bridges and pools of colourful balls. Being in this shared space helps develop not only mind-body coordination, but also 360 degree faculties among kids including social and emotional. The layout actually allows kids to expend their burst of energy and at the same time allows them to exercise creativity and do new things with the available resources.

Among the new rides, my favourite is DiscO’16 which actually gives you a solid experience at par with the best outdoor theme parks. And yes, this ride is for adults too! This ride comes with a back restraint and support for the chest leaving your hands and legs absolutely free. This one is just great for the small time adrenaline junkies like me and boy, do the kids love it. Won’t tell you much but just go and try it and you’ll love it. For now, I’ll just vouch for the fact that it is total “paisa wasool”.
Another new introduction is the famous Bumper cars. For younger kids accompanying adults may feel free to tag along and enjoy the ride. I don’t think I need to explain this one anymore. There is also the Drop N Twist which I couldn’t try due to some technical issue but it did look promising. One new addition that the kids loved was the “slide” which is a real thriller for the young ones- a red one offering a comfortable gradient and a blue one for the adventurous little ones, that’s really steep and twisted!
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The Flume ride and the Mini Convoy are great entertainers for slightly younger kids and are guaranteed to fill their hearts with joy.  Of course, this place is not just about the rides; there are loads of games which you can play and win lots of tickets and encash them for gifts. This place sure makes me feel like a child again!