Habibi- Review

When I learnt of a place which has Arabian food, Belly dancing and is associated with brand FTV, it sounded just too irresistible- I had to pay Habibi a visit! . The interiors of this West Delhi lounge boast of   ornate chandeliers, traditional Sheeshas, Moroccan lanterns and red velvet sofas all of which ooze luxury. Adding more pizzaz to this place is Chef Amanjeet Singh who’s talent and creativity belie his age of a mere 24 years. The guy is passionate about food and cooking techniques and boy  does it show at Habibi.

Arabian cuisine is definitely the main focus of the menu which additionally also showcases Indian, and continental cuisines. What better way to start our meal than munching on some halloumi topped over lettuce and bell peppers. The softness of halloumi contrasted with the crunch of lettuce and it was seasoned just right without any overpowering element. Catering to vegetarians were succulent Soya kebab with a Yemeni twist that result in a smoky and piquant starter. The juicy lamb Baghdadi makes for a hearty snack. Those clay pots with their spired tops beckoned us and we opened them to find steaming hot stews on rice. The Tagine Dalala is something like you’ve never had before-chicken in a gravy that’s  slow cooked for 6 days in assorted spices this is highly recommended. Fish Habibi is a labour of love, seasoned with exotic ingredients rarely used elsewhere. One dish that sounded interesting from the menu was Badami Paneer and this was a lusciously creamy, nutty combination adapted from a recipe that dates back to the Mughal era.

While the belly dancer swayed relatively disinterestedly (the only disappointment that evening- I’ve been spoiled by some superlative performers). My attention shifted to desserts and naturally Baklava was ordered for. The baklava here is a digression from the gourmet versions that my palate has been accustomed to. It was semolina sandwiched between phyllo pastry drenched in sugar syrup. The Basbusa has also been altered a little but coconut adds depth to this dessert and it was my favourite. Their best selling dessert however are sponge cake balls coated with chocolate and flavoured with mint aptly called Sponge bob balls.
After that indulgent evening all I can say is that this Arabian paradise with Chef Amanjeet at the helm of affairs is definitely here to stay.
Where- Habibi, C13 Vishal enclave,Rajouri garden , Opp pillar no 414