Saturday, July 30, 2016

The new menu at AMPM Cafe

Am Pm cafĂ© beckoned  again and this time they’ve introduced some new dishes on the menu  which include some milkshakes and here’s my report.

This place appeared to be a hit for those a lot of couples and if you are on  a  romantic date with that special one, then go for the Red Velvet . It’s the colour of love and also the unofficial flavor for most wedding cakes .This bright red coloured luscious drink is drizzled with white chocolate sauce which gives it the appearance of overflowing out of the glass. To take care of hunger pangs there’s a pretty pastry perched atop the concoction. I skipped the pastry though to leave room for more shakes. The next one t arrive was Gummy Bear, the red and white coloured  luscious drink comes in an interesting mason jar with gummy bears pasted all over it, which I happily picked up and popped in my mouth. Adding some more colour to this duo toned drink are multicoloured candy floss and those  fluffy buttery little hearts busicuits. It’s definitely not for weight watchers  but who cares If it makes you feel so good. Chocolate lovers should try the Ferrero Rocher chocolate which is a concoction of chocolate, nutella , icecream and comes with a Chocolate Donut on top. This is definitely chocolatey bliss.

Am pm also serves some great small meals out of which the Dal Makhani  shots served with mini Garlic naans is highly recommended.
Now for the grand finale. A huge  ball of chocolate arrived on my table  which is drizzled with syrup and it   implodes to reveal  brownie with vanilla icecream. The drama, the flavours all of it make it an ecstatic delicacy .Its gooey, its rich, intense and so very dramatic. So go try all this deliciouness ASAP.
AMPMcafe- J25, 3rd Floor, BK Dutt Market, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi-110027

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