India on my plate at Fortune Select

Continuing my on-going engagement with the beautiful Fortune Select at Sohna road, I embarked upon another “Fortune” hunt- this time to try out their India inspired theme of “India on my Plate”. And to tell you the truth, this was no less than a culinary treasure or should I say Fortune?

I have done a few India centric restaurants, menus and themes before, but this one stood out in a few ways. First, it covers all of India from North to Southand East to West- with an emphasis on all things regional. Additionally, inspite of the variety and spread, there are some interesting experiments, twists and turns in the menu which will excite the connoisseurs among us. But do not be mistaken, the foundations are solid Indian- food is cooked using traditional clay ovens and Tandoors mixing the finest of ingredients with emphasis on local ones. Some of the prominent stops in this authentically Indian Food journey are Kerala’s Nilgiri Dosai, Rajasthan’s Dahi Bade, their signature Dal-e-Fortune and Amritsari Badam Kheer. There’s a lot for the carnivores as well I’m told, particularly the Purani Dili’s Mutton Curry and the Goan Konkanii Macchi. But let us stick to all things vegetarian.

I find it most pleasing when you just enter a place and are offered a pleasant welcome drink automatically- here it was a traditional drink called Neer Mor. I also loved the UlteTawe ka Khakhra being a fan of this variety of papad for a long time now. The Indian effect was enhanced with the use of copper utensils and some other very unique ways of service (try the cutting chai for one). Must make a mention of the way the staff were serving the guests- it was symbolic of the original Indian tradition of hospitality exemplified by the Sanskrit saying- Atithi devo bhava!

As I have mentioned the “twists” earlier, the Brand Master Chefs here believe that their offerings in Indian cuisine should be constantly updated to step-up to the expectations of their guests. They have attempted to use ingredients and cooking techniques in a way that treats the palate with this fabulous layering of flavours.
A slight description of this wonderful restaurant is a must. The ambience is just great- while it is slightly dark near the open bar, there’s the poolside view on one side; there are some great tables with a view of Sohna Road and adjoining buildings for “lovers of the light” like me. There is some exceptional art-work displayed on the walls which showcases the Indian art and again has some modern “twists” to it. Besides, the kitchen is an open one and diners can see the chefs creating there magic like a live show.

And last but not the least the meal is accompanied by some traditional and contemporary Indian live music. So there’s not just India on your plate but India on you walls and in your ears too- how Fortune ate.