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Could you imagine the differences between the North and South India being bridged over something like the love for Craft Beer, but it’s true- read on to know more. Like a wise woman once said, much has been achieved over a mug of beer than the world will ever know of.
The lead case actors in this case study are Ishan Grover of RJ Brewing Solutions and John Eapen of the Tales of Froth fame. Ishan of the North and John of the South had an idea that they need to bring together the Craft beer hubs of the North and the South (read Gurgaon and Bangalore) and come up with some great new brews so the folks in all directions can drink happily ever after.

And the product of their collaboration- some great brews with Indian ingredients. Joining them in this endeavour are  Karthik Singh and Vivek Maru from the Bangalore Brew Crew who have prior experience in such quirky experiments. One of their earlier experimental brews was  concocted with  Lemongrass and Betel Leaves in Bangalore.
Ekta- their new creations is the Hindi or Sanskrit word for unity which is the perfect name for a product that brings together north and south. The names of these brews also include Saisons which are farmhouse ales famous for being spicy and fruity. So this is what they came up with:
Ekta Hibiscus Saison – brewed with Hibisucus flowers will be on tap at Quaff.

Ekta Masala Saison – brewed with cloves and pepper will be on tap at Lagom.

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