Mobikwik teams up with Smaash !

Now here’s something totally in the spirit of my blog- a wonderland in our own millennium city- that too powered by technology. What I witnessed was the marriage of one the leading players in digital wallet solutions with the most prominent and hitech indoor gaming hub in Gurgaon. Hope it is a good one and it lasts long.
So what’s in it for you? Whether you’re a parent (or grandparent) who’s looking for a special place to entertain the kids or a regular corporate junkie looking for a stress busting experience that doesn’t exclusively constitute binge drinking or anything in between- SMAAASH is the place for you. Maybe you can take the whole family- all three generations- for a great weekend outing here. Now all this is made easier and cash less thanks to MobiKwik. This fintech company already has 32 million users in India and can be used for payments over a variety of things from cabs to monthly bills to even airline tickets and hotel payments. So now download their app if you haven’t already and check out the smashing deals for SMAAASH. There’s something for everyone there and some great combo deals include gaming options with food and beverages- so check it out now.
So what innovation does MobiKwik bring in? Now SMAAASH is one of the hubs where you can use cash to recharge your account. They allow strictly cash users to go cashless and that too offline. No need to restrict yourself to making payments through cards or net banking. Just get cash collected from your premises or a designated area and recharge your e-wallet. To add to all this they have made it really easy to go cashless when buying through your mobile wallet- so much so that you don’t even need to use mobile data or internet, you can use your wallet with simply a regular SMS based system.
What makes this marriage special is that both the parties are innovators in their fields, trying to make this world a better place for all of us. So now you can go cashless, get great deals with all this added convenience while getting the most immersive gaming experience ever.  
For the netizens of Millennium city there’s more from MobiKwik- they also have tie-ups with some other prominent entertainment destinations here like the famous Kingdom of Dreams and Appu Ghar. So what are you waiting for?????