New Menu at L'Opera

After five years of operations, L’Opéra launches almost two dozen new cakes/pastries in September 2016

·         L’Opéra launched well over a dozen new or redesigned cakes and pastries under multiple award-winning Chef Amit Sinha in September 2016 to celebrate its five years of operations in Delhi NCR.

·         L’Opéra is the first authentic French Pastry and Bakery enterprise in India
            with 13 outlets.

Andy Warhol once said, “They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” L’Opéra’s Executive Chef Amit Sinha agrees, “change is good,” he says. “It gives me a sense, that, like with the seasons, there’s continuity but also a sense of purification and transformation,” Amit expounds. After having left a significant mark on Delhi since its first outlet opened in 2011 in Khan Market, L’Opéra has cherished its classic desserts, which have been the object of much praise from expats and Indians alike. After a successful tenure as a teacher at the Indian Academy of Pastry Arts, where he led Team India to victory at the Asian Pastry Cup this year, Chef Amit believes that L’Opéra’s mark of elegance and quality can be revealed in more ways than one.

“Our aptly named Royal Chocolate,” explains Co-Founder and Managing Director Laurent Samandari, “has always had a regal taste and look and feel; but Amit’s redesign takes it to another level!” he admits. Some new entries to L’Opéra’s array of pastries include the Safframel Tart, a special blend of poached apple and caramel mousse – the silky smooth Berrilla Delight, made with Vanilla and Wild Berries – and a brand new tropical Glutenfree Pabana Mon Amour, made with banana, mango and passion fruit. “For coffee lovers such as my self,” describes Laurent, “the new Coffee Tart was like a solace to my senses, with its sablé biscuit and the irresistible nuttiness of the almond glaze.”

“When I thought of our classic designs, such as that of the Mille Feuille and our customers’ favourite ingredient, chocolate, a chocolate Mille Feuille seemed like the way to go,” confesses Chef Amit. “But don’t worry,” he goes on, “there are many more transformations to come in the near future; after all, just like life, culinary art is a living, breathing thing,” he believes. “And perfection is nothing more than constant transformation.”


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