Pranskter- Setting new benchmark !

 I guess I have a knack for sensing good joints even before they begin operations and Pranskter definitely falls in this category. It is Gurgaon’s biggest single floor restaurant with a sprawling 10,000 sq feet area that is subdivided into several nooks. It’s a food and brewery campus and encompasses all the elements of a college campus.  Hints- think Lab, Library, Parking, Amphitheatre ,heck even the dorm- exciting isn’t it? Alas, ambience alone ceases to impress me anymore with the burgeoning number of eateries trying new things, especially in the overcrowded sector 29 market. So what sets Prankster apart and has me feeling so optimistic about it... well here you go.
The place is owned by seasoned restaurateurs- the rather good looking duo Inderjeet Singh Banga and Jasmeet Banga of the Pirates of Grill fame and surprise-surprise- joining them onboard is  Pawan Soni, one of country’s most renowned food bloggers and if I may add my idol in food blogosphere. I’ve always looked upto him, admiring his keen understanding of flavours , way with words and above all humility.So does this translate into good food? Not just good it’s mind-blowing, fantabulous, fanstasticand what not. At the helm of culinary affairs is Tresind Dubai import, Chef HarAngad Singh.

Presentation plays a key role and I was impressed by the fact that each dish was served in customized crockery, no more eating in tin plates that suddenly seem to be the norm in town. Our sensational feast that evening commenced with an amuse bouche named flat gappe. These are golgappe spheres topped with some kale chane and just a speck of tamarind chutney, which will definitely strike a chord with the Chaat loving junta.
Dry fruit salad- This is my favourite dish here and will draw me back repeatedly- It takes you back to childhood when Mom pushed dry fruits down our throat every morning. Angad serves this in style replenishing my protein quota with some micro greens for vitamins and all of this swimming in a citrus coulis which is made with fresh orange extract that imparts it intensity. It’s time to slurp your salad instead of eating it the same old boring way!

Sambar Cappuccino -the latter part of the name is derived from the frothy layer on this South Indian classic, and this is served with dosa crisps that are not fried but dehydrated. The drink calls to be sipped on the balcony sitting on one of these funky scooters on a winter evening .
Dahi bhalle ice-cream-  Frozen yoghurt served on  a crisp base of rumali roti with dehydrated tamarind chutney, some bhel and papdi. This is doused with some liquid nitrogen that chills it for you to dig in.
Honey chilli potatoes-  Mystifyingly crispy yet slushy and why so? Go figure out yourself
Pav Bhaji Zinker- well this import from my hometown has been revamped and how. Bhaji has been  transformed into a patty and stashed between pav , a generous sprinkling of  garlic chutney and the result- Nostalgia- big time !
Lahori bun kebab consisted of  patties made of dal that were melt-in-the-mouth soft oozing with curd filling. It is sandwiched between fried bun smeared with raw mango chutney and topped with  fried okra that adds a new dimension to the texture.

Sago samosas are another example of Angad’s wild creativity. Home style sabudana khichdi is stuffed inside phyllo pastry and served on a bed of mustard potatoes and an interesting tangy  sweet Kiwi Chutney. Flaky pastry, intensity of mustard, tanginess of Kiwi , ultrasoft sago and the nuttiness of peanuts altogether combine to create a pleasant sensory overload.
Tawa Pulao-this zesty, masaledaar combination of rice and veggies is a late night staple in Mumbai and to my delight was done exactly the same way as it’s done back home.

Gothua Palak - Innovation reflects in every sphere of this household classic. The spinach is not pureed but actually mashed for hours to attain the consistency,  crumbled feta is the new age substitute for white butter and what adds the oomph in this is definitely Vadi, these are made inhouse and seasoned with  of asafoetida, gloriously creating an interplay of distinct Indian flavours. Word of caution- please avoid this if you are on a date, vinegar onions and hing are antidotes to romance;)
Baked Sheera with tender coconut payasam  is an accident that resulted in a delicious offering. Brilliantly combining the Northern and southern Indian classics with the hot halwa balancing cold payasam  both together creating a lustrous , rich dessert.
Pranskter claims to serve nostalgic progressive cuisine and honestly it does bring back childhood classic with tons of tashan. What clinches the deal is definitely the pricing, all this gorgeous fare is available at college canteen prices. Don’t believe me, well check it out for yourself!
Where- Pranskter, sec 29 market, next to Bikanerwala, Gurgaon.


  1. Pranskter really did a great job in putting up their business concept. The place looks enticing and beautifully design and the food looks delicious and healthy. A place where me and my friends from would like to hang out while discussing our projects.


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