Restaurant week at Chi Ni !

 When a chance to savour some out of the world gorgeous fare at affordable prices presents itself any intelligent person will grab it immediately and that’s exactly what I did, courtesy Restaurant  Week .The place that I chose for this adventure was the famed Chi Ni- the stylish and Contemporary Chinese restaurant at the Roseate House (erstwhile Dusit Devarana).

As soon as one enters the gates of the place and sees copious amounts of greenery, particularly shady trees all around, it just takes away all the tensions of the outside world and truly relaxes the mind. The wonderful use of water and amazing offbeat architecture really makes this place special. The restaurant itself is slightly elevated affording a great view of various sections of the grounds and its water bodies. The place is cosy and yet full of light during the day and at the cost of giving away too much- the roof something to notice.
I opted for the  Vegetarian Goose Salad which sounded intriguing, crisp sheets of bean curd doused with some red bean sauce – and surprisingly the texture deliciously teases the palate with its unfamiliar feel .

The next starter we tried was  the Three chilli chicken bao and they looked so attractive ,those white buns encrusted with sesame seeds. Biting into it is sheer delight ,especially with the pillowy exterior giving way to an intensely flavoured mock meat filling. Wasabi mushrooms are highly recommended, the deep earthiness of mushrooms and that slight heat of wasabi with some mango foam is truly a successful culinary match.

The idea of having Steamed fish despite being a mock version sounded appalling but I gave in after a little prodding,  and am glad I did. It is a visual treat with red bell peppers and pineapple in the sauce that smothers the mock fish and with its  sweet and sour flavor, lingers on the tastebuds for quite some time The quintessential vegetarian ingredient Tofu is cooked in shezwan sauce with three kinds of mushrooms and the result is a spicy broth that teams very well with some steamed rice.

For  dessert  we opted for some  Splendid yoghurt that’s laced with some berry compote and topped with  mango icecream. It’s sweet, tart and did live up to the splendid part of its name. Alternate delectable layers of chocolate and mango flavoured mousse came next and this is sheer indulgence.
Restaurant week allows chefs to get creative , work out new menu and impress clients ,it’s an interesting way to beat monotony not that the regulars at Chi Ni are complaining about it. So go grab these fantastic offers today – only valid till the 25th of September.
Where- Chi Ni, The Roseate House, Rajokri, New Delhi