Sandy's Cocktails and Kitchen- review

A cocktail bar is the last place one associates with good food. Hence, when I went for a session of a  4 course menu paired with cocktails- I wasn’t really looking forward to anything exceptional in the gastronomic department .Sandy’s Cocktails and Kitchen is the  brainchild of one of India’s premier mixologists , Sandeep Verma and that assures spectacular cocktails ,whereas  the food just got some extra TLC with the arrival of our dear friend Nitish Jha on-board. Sandeep has always been known to do things with flair and I witnessed it 1st hand in the form of an interesting ritual with different tea cups and some exceptional concoctions- this also gave a glimpse of the drama that was to follow.

The 1st course was Watermelon and feta salad which  is an absolute favourite of mine  .The quality of ingredients used in this simple salad make a world of difference apart from the dressing. It was perfect- salty feta,sweet watermelon, crunchy lettuce all of this dressed in a citrusy orange dressing that spells summer and was just so refreshing.
Stuffed mushrooms arrived  next looking very elegant on a white platter lined with  green leaf and some scattered red lettuce leaves providing a colourful contrast. The mushrooms were succulent and yet had bite,and the cheesy interior made this insanely delicious.While Cheesecake is generally one of my favourite ways to end a meal here this was the intriguing main course. It’s a savoury version with vegetables and did have the crumbly texture normally associated with the dish. Doused with  some mushroom sauce that lent an earthiness, this was served with a side of sautéed spinach and some veggies. It’s very satiating and on a cold winter day this would make for the perfect meal. Infact  I enjoyed it so much that it lead me to Google  the recipe and this will be conjured in my kitchen soon. For those who don’t wish to make the effort ,Sandy’s does a fabulous job.

The best part of the meal for me is always dessert and that when served  dramatically, it’s an affair to remember. The Double chocolate fudge comes encased in a chocolate shell which melts open when drizzled with white chocolate sauce. The richness of this dessert is balanced by the addition of fresh fruits , served with some vanilla icecream raising its appeal actor by several notches. With this ,the feast ended and we descended downstairs to the basement of this restro bar which is slowly becoming one of my favourite haunts in the city .With  Bollywod night, Ladies night and live bands Sandy’s warrants to  be explored ASAP!