Celebrating Diwali and Chhath Puja in Bihar this vacation

It is all about festivities across the country around this time and while people celebrated Dussehra just recently, this is just the beginning of a long festive phase in India. What about celebrating the upcoming ceremonies and festivals in the cultural land of Bihar? It would be a great experience since around this time the whole place stays completely drenched in the colors of festivities in all terms of aesthetics and culture.

Bihar is a memorable place that has seen a great deal of history throughout the hundreds of years. It has been the harbor ground of the most established republic of the world and the last resting spot of Lord Buddha. It has been the focal point of educational wisdom and learning for the entire world. Bihar is outstanding for its memorable history and any individual who has an enthusiasm for knowing the wonders of the gone times, a visit to this state is unquestionably needed. You can arrive in Bihar on a flight, train or bus. Truth be told, there are so many trains that run between Delhi to Bihar. Sampoorn Kranti Express, Rajdhani Express, Magadh Express, Garib Rath, and so forth are just a few of the trains that consistently operate between Patna and Delhi. You can make Indian railway enquiry online to find the correct train route for your journey. With dozens of train plying to the state, you can always get a ticket if you book in advance. Or you can go for Tatkal or Premium quotas for the last moment train bookings through IRCTC. You can arrange an excursion of a week keeping in mind the end goal to celebrate the festival of lights as well as observe Chhath in Bihar exclusively. The best time to visit this part of India is from October and March, since the summers can be excessively hot for a tour.

Apart from celebrating the festivals, you can also take a trip to notable places to know the state, its culture and history just better. Bihar has many tourist places. The one thing unconventional about touring the state is that you would need to stay here and look at its nuances from the lens of the common people who live here. You would soon take in a few direct stories from old individuals who know a great deal about their territory. You can find what made Lord Buddha come to Bihar. You can comprehend how Vaishali became the world's first republic and the fact that Nalanda was the finest university of those long gone times. There is a long way to go through the way of life, traditions, customs, and so on. Each day of your stay can be exciting if you know where to look and how to talk to people. At the least, you must try all the items that the Bihari cuisine offers, be it the Bhojpuri thali, Maithili dishes, or different sorts of desserts and goodies cooked and prepared during the festivities.

As for the tour, here is a far reaching list for the most prominent spots to visit in Bihar:

Nalanda University
A bustling college and first of its kind, Nalanda was the focal point of educational teachings in India in the antiquated times. Presently the remnants of this archeological site recount the tragic story of the death of this place. Nalanda University once gloated of the best and brightest and the researchers and instructors here were known for their insight and skill on an assortment of matters. You would be shocked to realize that there were more than 2,000 instructors in the old Nalanda University and more than 10,000 understudies from over the world were enlisted here. This gives you a bigger photo of the amazing legacy this place is.The Chinese voyager and researcher Hiuen-Tsang excessively utilized, making it impossible to concentrate on here.

Bodhi Tree
This is the tree under which Lord Buddha achieved spiritual illumination. Exactly at this place, you can detect a Maha Bodhi temple that is now built and the entire site has turned into a noteworthy journey for the Buddhists around the globe. The design of the sanctuary is additionally a wonder to investigate and take notice.

Navlakha Palace
This castle is in Raj Nagar which falls in the Madhubani region of Bihar. It was the place of residence in the seventeenth century for the Maharaja of Darbhanga.

Rajgir Hot Springs
You must be thinking, this would make much sense if you are in the New Zealand, expecting hot springs. But as the case is surprises come unannounced. Rajgir, well known for its hot springs, is popularly visited by many tourists who come here for outing and picnics. One of the springs here, called Brahma Kunda, is as hot as 450 degree Celsius, now that’s a warm pleasure for the winters!

Have a great trip!