10 things Non drinkers are tired of hearing !

I am generally the lone teetotaller at most places and parties and no matter what I stubbornly refuse to  give in to peer pressure as I strongly believe that nothing good comes out of alcohol. However hard I try to communicate my resolve , people try their best to convert me and these are some of the ridiculously typical statements hurled at me again and again- in case you didn’t know what we teetotallers have to go through:

1.Are you religious? – Well yes I am and have always been. This is how I was brought up and it’s too late to change anything now. Not that one couldn’t be religious and still have one’s booze. As far as I know it’s not the single point of discrimination in the eyes of God.

2. Try this have a sip- and you’ll convert. Really? I can’t remember just how many times this has been told to me. I’ve heard this plenty of times all through my stint as an Army wife and now in the capital city where booze flows like water at every social do. Infact once in a while I even end up taking a sip of the sangrias, martinis,old fashioned or whatever people think is the best tasting poison in town just to prove that any form of Alcohol doesn’t appeal to me. I just don’t like the taste of it even if it’s the most expensive champagne you’ve just offered.

3. You must be rich from saving all that money on alcohol- This one I so wish was true ….

4. Your hubby doesn’t drink too- because of you! well NO my husband is an adult and can take his own decisions he doesn’t drink because of similar upbringing and philosophy. There are several men in the world who are teetotallers. Chris Martin , Mahatma Gandhi and Amitabh Bachchan to name a few.

5. But I just saw u dancing like crazy on the dance floor- I am a trained dancer and love to dance, hence never needed alcohol to summon the courage to step on the dance floor.  Besides dancing requires mind body coordination and alcohol consumption impairs that- though it lowers inhibitions. So in dancing and in “something else”, liquor may make it easy for you to do (in some cases it’s not possible without liquor) but it worsens your performance.

6.  This is just fruit juice – yeah! Why would I have the fermented variety when I can have it fresh .

7. This is good for health– So is Milk and Ghee but most of us refrain from those too. And don’t even get me started on the benefits of vegetarianism in this meat loving city ;)

8 .How do you have such high energy levels then- Try a healthy lifestyle, which includes Yoga, meditation and some “sattvik” Vegetarian food!

9. How do you entertain people at your place then? I tell them in advancethat there will be no booze… Yes that’s just the kind of host I am!

10. You are a good girl- I wish I could be like you. That’s your personal opinion . I would never judge a person- especially a woman- just because she enjoys a tipple.

The 1 thing though that I do love listening to, everytime someone says it- I am so high on life that I actually don’t need any alcohol to live it up.On that note I leave you with a bit of trivia , here are  some famous celebrities who are part of the teetotaller club Mahatama Gandhi,Chris Martin, Amitabh Bacchan,Tom Cruise, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, David Beckham, Will Smith, Donald Trump (his other vices notwithstanding).


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