Arriba Mexican Grill and Tequileria- Review


A general belief is that Mexican cuisine is very similar to Indian and hence lacks the wow factor which must  be why most Mexican joints don’t do well in the city. It’s a  pity because  something about this weather makes me crave enchiladas and  a dearth of options in the millennium city made me  hop into  cab despite the cash crunch ( demonetization you know) and go all the way to Delhi. Located in the Asiad village complex Arriba Mexican Grill and Tequileria place is cozy-candle lights, flowers, vibrant coloured cushions, everything is  easy going, laidback and welcoming about this place. What struck me was the intent to bring  an element of nature into the ambience which is through trees, greens and fresh flowers all of which melts your stress away.

Back to food which kept on coming that night. What better way to embark on our Mexican fiesta than with some salsa and chips .Aptly named Salsa and Guacamole Carnivale, this one combines fresh Tortilla crisps with 5 different kinds of salsa each amazing in it’s own right but the charred tomatoes and the mango better than the rest. Infact they were so good that I wish it was packaged and sold , I would definitely be a loyal customer.  If that wasn’t enough the guacamole also is not the regular readymade stuff but prepared with fresh ingredients and definitely impressed. 

 I love salads and the skinny taco salad is  also good for skin so double whammy here. This layered salad arrives in a mason jar combining, corn,iceberg lettuce , avocado and taco crisps all coming together in a delicious combination of flavours and textures. Still wondering about the skinny part , it’s because avocado is good for skin.

I still had appetite saved for main course and started off with Tacos which were filled with cheese and refried beans , seasoned just right. Veg Burritos  is served with a side of soup and is a very satiating affair. Now for my favourite Mexican delicacy , Enchiladas which was stuffed with spinach , corn and of course some cheddar cheese. It was drizzled with a piquant  chilli pepper sauce that makes me crave some right now.

If you thought this was enough to keep me away from dessert well you are wrong. I opted for the Tequila lime cheesecake with some avaocado cream  , the tequila and lime combination never fails hence this dessert is highly recommended.
Now that you are done reading it ,make your way to Arriba because this is the season for warm Mexican flavours served on wooden tables in a cosy candlelit setting .

Where- Arriba Mexican grill and Tequileria, Kehle Gaon Marg, Delhi.


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