Ayurveda at Nimba

I recently visited Nimba- a world class wellness retreat situated near Ahmedabad, India. Ayurveda exhorts the importance of a good diet as well as a healthy lifestyle and works on various levels of the human body (& spirit). This trip was supposed to be an escape and those ruffled nerves needed to be soothed due to my hectic mundane (though some call it charmed) life. Besides, an injury during my workout had left me with unbearable pain in my waist. With both of these issues on the top of my mind, I entered Nimba.

What I saw left me awestruck. Being a practitioner myself, I know how difficult it is to administer these treatments and techniques in regular clinics in the city but at Nimba this is what I got to experience and it was a rejuvenating affair.
To chart my treatment course I met the resident doctor who examined me before deciding on the course.He charted out a therapy course keeping  my constitution and ailment in consideration.I was recommended Shirodhara and Abhyanga. A longer and more complex treatment could be administered if one were to stay for some more time.

Shirodhara–There were several issues plaguing me at home and stressing me out before I left for Nimba which had caused sleep deprivation and fatigue. Shirodhara is an ancient technique and literally means ‘a stream on the head’. I entered  the Shirodhara room and lay down in the warm chamber ready to be pampered. There are several ways to advocate Shirodhara depending on the ingredient used which in my case was Oil.Oil was poured into a huge cauldron and it fell on my forehead in a steady stream,while the therapist kneaded my head and scalp periodically. It was like somebody was soothing my frayed nerves and this definitely was rejuvenating both for the mind and the body.This made me forget my fatigue and stress in no time.The flow on the forehead creates a gentle pressure and that led me to a state of deep rest- just the kind I experience after meditation.It relaxes one so completely and the effect lasts for a long time-infact I slept peacefully that night after quite some time.

Abhyanga- is a preparatory step for the major panchkarmas but even on its own has therapeutic properties.I was massaged with warm medicated oil with special attention given to my back which was injured.This increases blood circulation and nourishes the body. It helps in pacifying doshas depending on the type of oil used. After a full body massage- which is very different from an experienced at other spas or parlours- it was followed by steam which helps in expelling the doshas from the body and thus purifying it. Abhyanga works best on Vata dosha and pain is always a result of aggravation of Vata and hence was advocated to me.

Yoga- Not many people are aware that Yoga is an integral part of Ayurveda in keeping with the Aahar Vihaar or lifestyle aspect of the science. Yogic ásanás and techniques particularly pránayám techniques can be very relaxing. It helps get your body and mind in a state that is more receptive to other therapies and at the same time is highly beneficial on its own, which is now well publicised (including the various articles on this blog ). Yoga is great for the all the glands and rightly stimulates the internal organs thereby aiding in overall wellness in more ways than one can conceive. At Nimba one is taught a tailor-made Yoga course depending on one’s conditions, ailments and needs.

Diet-How can any healing take place without the right diet? Well one doesn’t have to worry about it in this fabulous retreat. Food here is cooked in accordance with ayurvedic directions. Infact doctors also prescribe specific diet depending on the person’s constitution to ensure speedy recovery.

This trip was organised by Ayurved Sutra in its 1st edition of Bloggers meet.Nimba is a one stop shop for not just Ayurveda but different forms of alternative therapies. These kinds of therapies do not target just a part of you but treat you on the whole which is the need of the hour.