Kiwi by Musskan

  Musskan means smile and that is so true of this smiling petite pretty young lady. I won’t be exaggerating if I said jewellery designing is in her genes since her mother is also a successful jewellery designer and works with precious stones. Musskan hower decided to go trendy and  chose semi precious stones to work on which is what today’s generation demands. She does have her finger on the pulse of her clients which reflects in her products. each product is one of its kind and incase you prefer something custom made according to your taste that is done here as well.Here’s what you can find at Kiwi by Musskan;

Necklaces-These stand out courtesy gigantic pendants that  of god heads. Buddha ,Ganesha, this is where spirituality meets fashion and is for those who love wearing their beliefs on their skin or even if you don’t ,they are the kind of statement pieces that will make heads turn. It’s also the best selling line .I personally loved the red choker (( as shown in the pic) it’s classy yet there’s something old world about it and can be worn with pretty much anything. For those who prefer classics she does beautiful pearl strings too.

Rings - They are big, blingy and totally rocking.

Earrrings- My favourite piece of jewellery. This is all I need to jazz me up and at Kiwi I had a tough time deciding just which one to choose. There’s crystal, there’s jade, pearls, chandelier earrings just everything that  one can  imagine. If you are one of those who loves her name then go ahead and get them made in your name. yes check out the pic

Cuff links- If you thought jewellery was only for women or Kiwi is gender biased well the No!If you are looking for the perfect gift for that special someone go visit this place rightw away. The cufflinks are funky ( there was one in the shape of a truck) or get them customized according t the letters of your partner’s name
Kiwi By Musskan is lala land for jewellery lovers. The collection as funky and  effervescent as Musskan herself. If you want to create a lasting impression go visit this place now !