The importance of Wellness Retreats

In this fast paced life, we forget to eat, sleep or even breathe, which gives rise to a host of illnesses and disorders. The quick fix generation that we are, we end up going to the doctor for cure. You can get a pill for every ailment but all those pills barely cure anything, instead release several toxins in the body that lead to further deterioration of health and consequently even more pills. Most illnesses are psycho somatic, it’s a pity though that it’s only the somatic part of it that Allopathic treatment addresses (or attempts to) and yet it continues to be the treatment of choice of majority. Just like the body needs sleep every night to recuperate from the lashings it receives during the day so do we as human beings and as beings with mind and soul need to retreat from the chaos of daily life every once in a while to allow our minds, to heal intrinsically.
To ensure complete and deep healing of the body and mind, an easy way is to visit a wellness centre or retreat. It’s not just the body that needs to be healed but we need therapy that simultaneously heals our mind as well. Like I said, though most diseases are psychosomatic but the psych aspect is not addressed in most common treatments. Unlike physical healing, psychological healing is more than drugs and needs a holistic approach which in turn benefits the body as well. A wellness centre is imperative to complete healing and these are the factors to be considered while choosing one.

Abundant Greenery & Serene Surroundings- Ever gone for a walk in a park after a stressful day and felt wonderful in minutes? Such an ambience decreases irritability, distraction and helps one focus better. It soothes one’s nerves, reduces heart rate, muscle tension, blood pressure and also suppresses the effect of stress hormones. The effect of nature is manifold. Also clear air is beneficial for lungs and helps one get rid of toxins.

Good Diet- Sattvik diet, all-vegetarian and with no alcohol or even the usual caffeine/ nicotine. Diet impacts our thinking and physiological functions. A sattvik diet - is devoid of stimulants which helps  relax the brain. It also positively affects the digestive system and helps alleviate the damage done to our body due to improper dietary and lifestyle habits. And you thought Detox was just be a break from drinking so that when you resume you get a kick for much less!

Therapy- Ayurveda and Naturopathy offer non-invasive, therapies that work on various levels from preventive to curative. The products used are natural and devoid of side effects making it safer to use.
Meditation- This is probably the most underrated and underused tool for treatment or wellness. Meditation helps one obtain better perspective on life in the present and about what needs to be done or how things need to be handled.It’s one of the best but unfortunately the least used of all healing techniques.
All this comes together at Nimba- Situated in Gujarat- a state which has done well to preserve our rich cultural heritage. It’s proximity to Ahmedabad- a well connected commercial and industrial hub makes it easy to access. One has the choice of getting there rather easily by rail, road and air.

Here you can avail all traditional and modern therapies described above, while residing in modern & comfortable accommodations- and there are some more ways in which you get the best of both worlds. The rooms are designed to make you feel better and relaxed. The grounds in general, with abundant greenery add to the feeling of peace. The food comes straight from the farm and is cooked in a healthy way keeping age old traditions in mind. With well trained therapists, convivial atmosphere, bringing the modern and the ancient in one package- Nimba checks all boxes for a wellness centre and hence is highly recommended for anyone wanting to cure the body and the mind. Let your stay here be the first baby steps in the journey towards a healthier you!  

Where- Baliyasan ,Ahmedabad  Palanpur road,Mehsana , Gujarat-384435