Chinese New Year at Pan Asian

The Chinese New Year belongs to the rooster this year and Pan Asian celebrates it with a new menu, which gives us a lot to cluck ,sorry ,write about. Chef Jian Lie Wee is at the helm of affairs and he decided to temper the festival with authentic recipes from his own land. 

With the rooster ruling the year its only natural that the main attraction of the festival is  a  grilled chicken stuffed with saffron rice, a delicacy that the chef himself grew up eating and was lauded by everyone on the dinner table. For moi and the  ilk of herbivores, the chef has thoughtfully some aces up his sleeve.  Mushrooms deep fried in a spicy batter turns into a crispy , fiery snack which arrives with ice cold lettuce leaves .Pop them wrapped around the lettuce leaves to experience a delight of textural and flavourful contrast. Tomato soup is my all time favourite and at Pan Asian it’s combined with pok choy and served with an array of condiments that raise its appetising value , the taste thankfully matched my expectation and it was  perfect for that cold evening.  Mushroom Kamameshi is like an old lost cousin of the risotto and comes with a side of tofu slathered in black bean sauce. Gloopy  rice with just the right bite , this Japanese risotto was splendid. 
Our rendezvous was more than just the new year menu and we ended up receiving a sneak peek of the upcoming summer menu which is curated by Chef Vaibhav Bhargav. The Quinoa salad is  a vibrant medley of edamame beans , orange, kiwi , beetroot some micro greens for a boost of nutrients. The flavours even impressed the carnivores on the table and this one was polished off in entirety.

 Sushi will always entice me, especially when one is alluringly named  the Greek Goddess .This goddess is a  a glorious roll of crumbled tofu coated with seven spice  -huddled with some avocado, pickled vegetables, spinach all of this tightly wrapped in a nori sheet.  Once inside my mouth ,each layer disintegrated beautifully leaving  me speechless ( for those who know me it’s extremely difficult to do that).

This fabulous evening ended on a delicious note with some Fried Icecream for dessert. The icecream scoop is coated in cornflakes before frying which resulted in a crunchy-soft, hot-cold delicacy the kind I love indulging in without regret. They also have Banana spring roll  on the menu which merits a visit to Pan Asian real soon.

Where- Pan Asian, Sheraton  New Delhi, Saket