Sun signs and their turn ons

The day of love is around the corner and my valentine's gift to my readers are these tips to steam up things between the sheets

Aries is a  fire sign, the go-gettters, they are extremely active physically and need a lot of intellectual stimulation . Continuous assurance of being loved  is a necessity .Dominance is an inherent quality and  and that means a little bit of roughness  will be well appreciated in the most intimate act of love too. A little bit of biting never hurt anybody, so nibble his/her ears and lips, practice kissing as they abhor sloppy ones and  and guide those hands to where you want to be touched the most. Nothing satisfies an Arien more  than completing a mission and for them you will be one.Sometimes they may seem to only engage physically but that's due to a  fear of abandonment especially when hurt by a loved one earlier. It's  very difficult to put back one together if they've been unlucky in love earlier and this may even make them a little bit selfish..
what turns them off is to be treated as an option.Be spontaneous and go freaky whenever you can, wherever you can

Taurus-this is an earth sign symbolized by the bull, prefer stability and has a streak of possesiveness. When they fall in love they may appear to  want to consume you , with your mole ,warts and all so as to ensure being  together forever  . A taurean wants to please more than be pleased and does not indulge in silly flings. It's always intense ,serious  and if you end up with one of this breed in bed, you should  thank your stars. This one definitely wants you forever and all of you.They want a sense of security and may settle into a habit without bothering to experiment. Gluttony is a sin that they love to indulge in , hence  use food as an aphrodisiac to get the mojo on. To up the ante- go for the neck, put your tongue to use and trail it lovingly for a sensational lovemaking session.

Gemini- probably the most flirtatious of them all, they love foreplay and  a bit of drama .Since people born under this sign are very good conversationalists , you might want to read up a little to attract their attention. One  needs to be constantly innovating and evolving  as this one gets bored easily and does not seem to have set preferences. They go with the flow and are not fussy about anything preferring  the journey more than the destination.Lot  of dirty talking will definitely keep them going,apart  from  the arms, kiss them on their hands, nibble playfully on those arms, lick and suck the fingers and watch them writhe in ecstasy.

Cancer is a water sign, emotional and sensitive -the ones that should come with a fragile warning.  Not very fond of socializing and neither comfortable in a crowd if you intend to pursue someone who falls under the influence of  moon, you may  have to stalk them till you get an audience . They are shy and not very expressive about emotions  which translates into a difficult relationship  .Inside the shell like hard exterior is a an emotional volcano that erupts  when they open up to someone.Plan a date night somewhere cozy and earthy, away from the crowd.They have a vivid imagination and may weave the most erotic fantasies. Its upto the  partner to fulfill them. Emotions steam from the heart and the  chest/breasts  are the most errogenous  zone, run your finger down, kiss very inch of it, tease the nipples and unleash the sexual lava.

Leo -the kings and natural leaders, the ones that stand out in a crowd.You  do not choose one from this zodiac sign, instead they choose you.consider yourself fortunate and prepare to give in to every whim and fancy both in and out of the bed room. With a lion, there can't be  demanding but only giving into his/her demand that does the trick.There's no point in planning a date night as the leo will have everything already chalked out and it will be classy. Flattery in all forms will be highly appreciated .Run your tongue or your fingers down his/her back and watch them lose control , If you wish to go further then  and a little bit of BDSM may actually  leave the Lion/Lioness hungry for more.

Virgo- the cynical ones and perfectionist. they are difficult to please and a bit narcissistic.Make them feel that they   are the best that ever happened to you and feel the heat rising.Encourage both by using tactile sensation and verbally. Ensure you are well groomed, pay attention to personal hygiene , wear something elegant and nothing flashy that would definitely get their attention .The area around the stomach is where they love to be touched the most but learn to be patient with virgins.Do not be fooled by the calm virginal demeanour, inside is a a sexual beast waiting to be unleashed.

Libra- the balanced ones , the logical ones, the natural charmers and the most good looking people in the zodiac. what turns them on is a multitude of reasons and for them love , is a natural need without which they would choke to death.Harmony is what they desire and love is another means of achieving it and ushering happiness. expect lot of laughter, playfulness, romance.Take them some place that oozes grandeur , spells romance and watch them loosen up. Since this is symbolized by the scales which indicates balance, even sexually they believe in giving as much as receiving . The lower back is what you need to target to get the temperature soaring.Start with a back rub , use scented candles, aroma oils, mushy songs and all that jazz to infuse magic.

Scorpio- the mysterious , intense, deep thinkers, what they want is difficult to fathom but are extremely sensual creatures.What they desire secretly is something deep and esoteric, and soul searching. It's never casual, not fond of quick romps-they want long intense passionate lovemaking. They are very comfortable in their skin and most likely to indulge in unusual forms .Use red , learn tantric sex and indulge in prolonged  foreplay and teasing because that is what sets them on fire.

Saggitarius- the adventurous, bold funny people. they are generous, acommodating, and spontaneous. Public display of affectionPDA is the natural outcome of their openness and love of outdoors.Least interested in mindgames, the centaur loves a direct approach and since nature is where they are happiest it's also their favourite playground. Turn   up unexpectedly at their door, pull her/him in the car and just go for a ride in the woods or to the beach.Under the stars or that mighty green tree, kiss her/him without caring for onlookers and untether their wildness.The thighs are their weak spot and rubbing, stroking it turns them on.Be adventurous , impulsive and watch them get their sexy on. Their stamina is immense and if they tire you out, remember you were warned before.

Capricorn- shy, reticient and least expressive- they will prefer to be taken and directed .Prepare yourself to be treated a little less important because  their pursuit for success comes first. The goat wants a stable relationship and generally are very family oriented and more traditional than other signs. To impress them polish your manners , show them how much you love and respect family . Wear conservative yet classy clothes and preferably cok up a meal at home. Their sensitive are is the knee and gently caressing, stroking that area will help getting him/her ready for the act. Don't indulge in anything too mushy or romantic viz, balloons, candles , music- they are too business like in their approach when it comes to sex and any overtly romantic gesture may actually turn out to be a dampener- also stay away from PDA.  However this being a sign that exhibits reverse ageing expects things to steam up as you grow older .

Aquarius - With their head forever brimming with ideas ,they are the philosophers and visionaries of the zodiac. This may lead to a natural inclination towards solitude and hence a low tolerance for drama or an awkwardness in socializing. So if you are attracted to one from this tribe , you need to make the 1st move and brush up on your knowledge especially about religion, art or politics something that can bring about a positive change in the world as they are humanitarians. One of the least judgemental , an aquarian may not mind sleeping with someone they are attracted to on the 1st date. They are rebellious by nature and do not abide by societal norms.
. Do not pressurize an aquarian into serious stuff as  they live in the moment and hate being bound by force.They are one of the most unconventional people and  if an open relationship is what you desire than there ain't no better partner than the water bearer. The legs are the most sensitive parts for an aquarian especially the calves, stroke the inner part of calves while murmuring sweet nothings and watch him melt.Push him/her against the door, take them by surprise and watch the eyes gleam with anticipation. Use the most unconventional object in the room as a prop and this one will never ever leave you.

Pisces-Not the ones to be swayed by flashy , flamboyant behaviour, these desire  stability and fulfillment.If you are a woman courting the attention of a piscean you better get some lessons in acting like a lady and if you are a man in love with pisces then get a job, get groomed and be doubly sure of your intentions because they don't want a one night stand. love is what makes their world go round.They are the most gentle , tender lovers in the zodiac and they need someone who complements these qualities. A piscean will desire someone stronger yet compassionate and someone who understands how easily they get hurt. Physically these people tend to posses what can be defined as a "foot fetish" . pretty feet is what they  desire along with a  lot of snuggling for emotionally fulfilling act that is their innermost desire . Since they are not very comfortable with their bodies go ahead and dim the lights and follow it up with a lot of  unhurried touching .They need to be initiated gently into the more kinkier versions of sex and that too has to be infused with the idea of romance. The easiest way to turn them on is lightly stroke the ankles and work your way upwards. Don't forget spooning before, during ad after the act. Making love to a piscean is creating the deepest sense of intimacy, and will feel fresh , clean and rejuvenating.


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