Punjab Grill Tappa- Review

After succesfully foraying internationally with its authentic desi offerings, Punjab grill is back in the city with a fresh new format called Punjab Grill Tappa. Located in cyberhub, the ambience is sleek with its black tiled walls and huge yellow sofas that call to be sunk into.A well stocked bar adorns one wall , but the focus is on food and that does not disappoint.

A mix of different sprouts sandwiched between two layers of watermelon constitutes the Watermelon Slider and caught my attention. When you bite into this ,the juicy watermelon, crunchy sprouts all come together to tease your palate at various levels.This one is definitely an interesting, low calorie summer snack. Grilled broccoli lightly seasoned with garlic combine with mushrooms cooked in a fiery sauce and these with some fried chilla crisps present a pleasant contrasts of both flavours and textures. 

Its the season of mangoes and when wrapped around spring rolls , they impart a tongue tickling tang . This is what the Aampapad wrapped kurkuri is and it is served with a kala khatta soya dip that raises its appetizing value even more. What impressed me the most was the precious  Gucchi stuffed with a rich creamy, nutty mixture resulting is a sublime delicacy..While the Chenna Peda with Kasundi sounded promising on paper , it  ended up tasting bland ,devoid of the pungency  kasundi. The Tehri on the other hand ticked all the boxes all the way upto its tagine style plating.  

Tappa mess is an interesting take on falooda, and is  the  perfect dessert to end any  meal in the upcoming summer.
Where-Punjab Grill Tappa,ground floor, Dlf Cybercity Gurgaon.