Sunday Brunch with Nickleodeon at Downtown bar and grill

While we have had many a family outings either just like that or celebrating some occasion at the Courtyard by Marriott Gurugram, the last outing I had was just mind-blowing fun for the kids. It was like Disneyland (I mean Nickelodeon) with a range of cartoon characters to hob-nob with along with enjoying a sumptuous meal. Yes I am talking of the Sunday Brunch at Courtyard by Marriott, Gurgaon. And if you have kids or like me if you are one yourself in there somewhere, don’t wait any longer to book your table. This is only till the 12th of March.

My son loved Motu-Patlu and Sponge-Bob square pants, while my daughter was delighted to meet her childhood favourite Dora the Explorer (for the second time actually). It really bought back some beautiful memories for them and for me too.

The buffet is also based on these cartoon characters. Guess how? Easy- the buffet has the choicest of dishes of these characters. For example SpongeBob’s seafood, Dora’s Spanish dishes, and I am not sure but I think should be Motu’s samosas as well. Well there is also a plethora of fun activities to go with, that ensures the kids are wholesomely entertained. My kids enjoyed the treasure hunt, face painting, tattoo making and balloon painting among others.

Ofcourse, not the leave the adults out, there is some gourmet fare and exotic cocktails to go with.With over 250 + dishes on the menu there's something for everyone. Not to mention some classy music making the ambience just perfect.