North zone crowning for Miss India 2017

Like everyone else I have very fond memories of tracking the prestigious Miss India winners every year while in school and college. Even the small idiot box frame could not minimize  the glamour that this pageant oozes. For some it was fun while others aspired to be one of those flawless beauties sashaying down the ramp , answering tricky questions unfalteringly, all in the quest to finally win the coveted title which  has been the Cinderella moment for various ladies. Their lives were transformed overnight- from girl next door to be being on snazzy billboards/ Movies-    this is why the title remains relevant till date.

As part of the blogstar campaign, Moi finally got to witness this enthralling experience in person. We were invited to the crowning of north India finalists.This year the pageant introduces a new concept where every state winner competes for the crown. Fbb gave us an all access pass that allowed us to mingle with the contestants, check out all the backstage mayhem, interact with celebrity judges and show us how exactly these beauties are chiselled into winners.
It's been an amazing journey with FBB so far and  I can't wait to unravel what's more in store !