The award winning Indian Bath Ritual at The Westin.

 While the debate over Rani Padmavati's existence rages on with some considering her to be a pivotal part of Chittor's history and others regarding her as just a fictional character, she evokes intrigue and fascination even centuries after her death. The reason is no doubt is her renowned flawless beauty. Infact most of the mentionable women in history- particularly queens and princesses and the likes were renowned and are still remembered for their beauty. But being like this was no simple task mind you! A time consuming, well researched beauty regime was what kept them glowing and enshrined in peoples’ mind. Most of this knowledge is lost or relegated to the fringes- the mainstream being occupied with mass produced, well marketed factory made unnatural cosmetics that promise to make you look like cine idols.

Now getting back to what really constitutes a good spa therapy session (it also encompasses the age-old beauty secrets)- it's Steaming, oleation, bath,  all of this with of course the right ingredients and administered  by a skilled therapist.

The award winning Indian bath ritual  at The Westin is been well curated. My therapy room was just well lit and the music at the perfect decibel to help me relax. It starts off with a steam session that opens the pores and allows any therapeutic element to penetrate deep.  This was followed by exfoliation with an ubtan made with sandalwood, turmeric amongst other natural ingredients. This dry mixture is added to curd and applied gently that helps in abrading or removing dead cells. Turmeric soothes, is an antibiotic and was used extensively for skin lightening. Exfoliation was also a natural method of hair removal in ancient times. Curd smoothens, cools and diminishes the abrasive quality of exfoliation. Curd is also a very good conditioner.
Then it was time for oil massage or Oleation. Herbal oils massaged gently relaxed every muscle of my body. The pressure used was just right. And it's not just the body but the head too that will be taken care of. After all how can one disregard the importance of beautiful tresses and champi is back to being cool.

Since it's a beauty treatment due attention is awarded to the face in the form of a mini facial. I normally avoid facials due to my extremely sensitive skin and was apprehensive this time as well. But the only result I experienced was baby soft skin- no rashes. So I can vouch for the superlative quality of products being used for facial.

And then it was time for the best part of the treatment - the Rani Padmavati bath- As exotic as it sounds, it feels even better. Soak up in a Jacuzzi with warm water and sea salt and you will never want to leave. Interestingly Jacuzzi also has a therapeutic quality, the water jets create  pressure and that also heals muscle pain and helps in destressing. Technically also known as hydrotherapy, it helps in lowering blood pressure, promotes blood circulation (imperative for glowing skin) and releases tension. And this is not all- the hot tub is lit up and the colours change which is Chroma-therapy and that attributes to a complete holistic therapy.

It can’t be holistic unless we eat right because what goes in reflects on the outside- so this session ended with a delectable pineapple, rocket, avocado salad and a detox smoothie for me. The menu is pretty vast and there’s a lot to choose from.

The Indian bath ritual has been well researched-  ancient techniques marry modern equipment in a beautiful ambience. A spa visit that gives you a journey back in time, rejuvenating, nourishing, pampering you like queen, in short- pure indulgence.